8 Piece Knife Bundle


8 Piece Knife Bundle

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    All the knives you will ever need in the kitchen are found in the Crisp™ 8 Piece Knife Bundle. The bundle is ideal for any kitchen, providing a knife for every chopping, slicing, dicing, and mincing task! And each tool features a colorfully accented grip for comfortable handling.

    Pick up the orange Bird’s Beak Paring Knife for cutting and peeling round fruit and veggies. Use the red Serrated Paring Knife for slicing your tough-skinned produce! The green Straight Paring Knife is ideal for mincing herbs to add flavor to your meals. Chop chicken or beef to add to yummy tacos using the purple Chef’s Knife. The yellow Santoku Knife features a wide blade that is perfect for scooping diced veggies. Create fancy designs on slices of carrots or cucumbers using the orange Wavy Knife. Slice melons and scoop out seeds with the green Melon Knife. And avoid bruising or browning your delicate salad greens using the purple Lettuce Knife. No matter your cooking task, the Crisp™ 8 Piece Knife Bundle provides the tool for the job!


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