Avocado Tool

Avocado Tool
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Avocado Tool

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    Bring on the guacamole with your new favorite kitchen gadget - the Avocado Tool from Crisp™!

    The Crisp™ AVOCADO TOOL is the all-in-one kitchen utensil you have been searching for to split, pit and slice delicious avocados for dips, sandwiches or just to enjoy alone. This handy avocado tool is equipped with a wavy knife to pit and slice the fruit, as well as a slicing scoop to remove the fruit from the skin. Not only will the scoop cleanly remove the avocado from the peel, but it also neatly slices the fruit into uniform serving sized wedges.

    When not in use, the knife is safely stored inside the soft touch, easy-to-grip handle. The ergonomic, rubber handle gives you excellent grip and precision over your avocado cuts. Cleanup is a snap too! The avocado tool is dishwasher-safe, and the stainless steel blades are resistant to corrosion.

    Because of its multiple uses and easy-to-use design, this unique kitchen gadget is sure to become one of your favorite cooking tools. You'll want to find excuses to eat avocado!
  • "The fruit and vegetable preparation tools are not only colorful, but easy to use too. So wow your friends (or just yourself) with how pretty your healthy eats will be with tools like the avocado tool, pepper corer or melon baller (these are my faves).

    Robbie Darby