Citrus Squeezer

Citrus Squeezer
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Citrus Squeezer

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    The Crisp™ CITRUS SQUEEZER was designed as much for functionality as it was for beauty. Recipe call for two tablespoons of lemon juice? Skip the store-bought container and squeeze it fresh yourself—eliminating the possibility of processed and unnatural ingredients that could be included in store-bought lemon juice. The best citrus squeezer is a sleek and attractive kitchen gadget, which allows you to squeeze out just the right amount of juice from all your favorite citrus fruits—whether it's a lemon, lime, or an orange.

    Even though this is a manual citrus press, the generously sized handles are easy-to-grasp for a sure and steady grip as you are operating this handy kitchen tool. The collection container has handy measurements so you can add the freshly squeezed juice right to your favorite recipes and the convenient pouring spout helps eliminate drips and spills. It is the perfect addition to your kitchen gadgets!
  • "The concept of making this a 2-in-1 measuring cup plus strainer is just genius! Crisp tools would make great wedding gifts because they’re unique, and affordable – put together a couple in a gift basket, or pick up one of their awesome gift bundles! Likewise, anyone from a foodie to a teenager heading to college could benefit from something in their store. I like the fact that their products are practical, but unique enough that the recipient won’t already have 3 of them.