Cocktail Garnish Gift Bundle

Cocktail Garnish Gift Bundle

Cocktail Garnish Gift Bundle

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    Looking for a gift for someone who loves to entertain? Surprise your favorite chef with our Crisp™ COCKTAIL GARNISH GIFT BUNDLE. This gift set is the perfect assortment of kitchen tools for preparing cocktails and garnishes!

    This trio of kitchen tools includes our Crisp™ ZESTER, WAVY KNIFE, and STRAIGHT PARING KNIFE. Each of these handy kitchen gadgets feature a soft-touch rubber grip and ergonomic handle, allowing for a tight grasp and a comfortable fit in your hand - no matter the task.

    Use the ZESTER for simple zests or the perfect citrus twist. The zesting tool features two handy zesting blades and a channel knife for scoring citrus slices. The large and small zesting blades allow you to prepare the perfect amount every time. For beautiful garnishes, the WAVY KNIFE prepares creatively sliced fruit and veggies. Add a slice of citrus or a stick of celery with a wavy cut in your next cocktail and your guest will rave about them! Last but not least, the STRAIGHT PARING KNIFE is a unique multi-purpose tool that can be used to create precise cuts for any drink garnish.

    No matter your drink of choice, these kitchen tools will help you put impeccable finishing touches on all your favorite cocktails!


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