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  • 5 Fruits/Vegetables You Should Consider Buying Organic and Why

    5 Fruits/Vegetables You Should Consider Buying Organic and Why

    Eating your fruits and veggies? Great! We all know how much these fiber, nutrient, and vitamin packed wonders can benefit our health. But there is one thing that some people may want to consider before buying just any piece of produce – the hidden dangers of non-organic products. The EWG (Environmental Working Group) releases a list of foods each year that you’d be better off buying organic. Called "The Dirty Dozen," these fruits and veggies are the ones that most often test high for pesticide residue. When you eat them in your best effort to stay healthy, you’re also ingesting small amounts of pesticide which can add up over a lifetime and cause health problems.

    Some non-organic fruits and vegetable are veritable sponges for pesticides and other non-organic farming aids that might be detrimental to your health. While not every piece of food you consume has to be organic, there are some fruits and veggies that you want to pay careful attention to. Here’s the short list.

  • 5 Foods to Help Boost your Metabolism

    5 Foods to Help Boost your Metabolism

    If you want to boost your overall health, there’s a tasty way to do it: by boosting your metabolism by eating yummy and healthy foods. Metabolism is complicated – enzymes and hormones that help you process food into energy are at play, and they are affected by what you eat. But for the sake of simplicity, we’ll just mention that when your metabolism is working at a higher rate, you burn more calories. This can help you lose weight, and just feel better about your health. Certain foods give your metabolism the push it needs. Give your diet the bump it deserves by incorporating some of these tasty treats into your meals and snack times.

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