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  • Healthy Eating Habits For Your 20s

    Healthy Eating Habits For Your 20s

    Hey there, newly-appointed adult! In this, your second decade of living, you’re finally old enough to do all the things you dreamt of doing when you “grew up.” You can go to parties, live with roommates, come home any time you'd like, stay up all night, and… go grocery shopping.

    We may not be hunters and gatherers anymore, but figuring out what to eat every day is still an important job. In your 20s, decades of life unspool before you, so while today you may not be in need of a colonoscopy or hair dye, the way you treat your body right now can either have a positive or negative impact on the way your body treats you 20 years down the road. Establishing good eating habits now will keep you feeling young even when no one cards you at the liquor store anymore (gulp!).

  • Six Sensational Salad Suggestions

    Six Sensational Salad Suggestions

    It’s May! And you know what that means. No, not that. Not that one either. It’s National Salad Month! Don’t worry – you don’t have to buy any presents or cards in order to celebrate this event. Just read through our suggestions on creating sensational salads that everyone is sure to enjoy, make your shopping list, and get creative in the kitchen! As a result, you'll enjoy a new year of celebrating non-boring salads and cooking/assembling salad masterpieces worthy of showcasing and display.

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