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  • Summer Reading: Great Books About Food

    Summer Reading: Great Books About Food

    Summer reading is often described in the very terms we apply to food: delicious, light, and all-consuming. If given the chance, many of us are voracious readers; we devour good books with the same gusto as a good meal. This summer, try these delectable books related to food and savor the experience.

  • When are Your Favorite Summer Fruits & Vegetables in Season?

    When are Your Favorite Summer Fruits & Vegetables in Season?

    The summer sun makes it possible to celebrate all sorts of things: running through sprinklers, swinging in hammocks, late evening conversations, and the pure joy of fresh fruits and vegetables that have ripened to perfection. Summer is the season when we can revel in the simple complexity of fresh produce, whether we do so while dripping, swinging, or laughing with our families and friends.

    To get the most out of your summer love produce, pay attention to when your favorite summer fruits and veggies are at their peak – there are certainly plenty of delicious options during the warm weather months.

  • Cooking with Strawberries

    Cooking with Strawberries

    April showers bring May flowers, and they also mark the start of strawberry season. Light, juicy, and healthy: there’s so much to love.

    Just one cup of strawberries provides 100% of your daily requirement of vitamin C, which is good for your immune system and your vision. That healthy glow may not just be from spending time outside - the vitamin C in strawberries also helps keep your skin more elastic (re: less wrinkles). One more reason to love strawberries: they contain ellagic acid which helps keep your heart healthy.

    Now that you know the incredible benefits of your favorite little red fruit, go get those sales at the grocery store, and get cooking with strawberries!

  • Great Mother’s Day Meal Ideas

    Great Mother’s Day Meal Ideas

    Ah, Mother’s Day. Who doesn’t love 12 hours of pampering (without Pampers), eating (without cooking), and being showered in appreciation (plus a real shower)? Treat your mom to a relaxing day of being taken care of by whipping up these special recipes for a special lady.

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