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  • How to Be a Great Overnight Host

    How to Be a Great Overnight Host

    Having friends and family stay overnight at your home can make for some of the best memories. There’s nothing like finishing a home-cooked meal and knowing that you can sit back, relax, and swap stories for the remainder of the night – usually in the comfort of pajamas.

    However, before these moments of relaxation occur, there are often several days of harried preparation. You want your home to represent your best self and for your guests to have an enjoyable time under your roof. These tips and strategies will help you create a home-away-from-home to help everyone relax and enjoy themselves.

  • Flavors That Pair Well With: Brussel Sprouts

    Flavors That Pair Well With: Brussel Sprouts

    When you think about fall vegetables, you are likely to think of pumpkins, butternut squash, and carrots. But there’s another little green veggie that also becomes available in the fall: the humble Brussel sprout. These petite vegetables look like miniature heads of bright green iceburg lettuce, but they contain far more nutrients.

    Brussel sprouts contain large amounts of fiber, folic acid, and vitamins A and C. In fact, one cup of sprouts equals 124% of your daily amount of vitamin C. When steamed or roasted, Brussel sprouts have a natural nutty and delicious flavor. But if you’re looking to elevate, or just change, the flavor of your next batch of sprouts, try adding these aromatic, flavorful ingredients.

  • Your Guide to Fall Vegetables

    Your Guide to Fall Vegetables

    The weather is turning cooler, Halloween candy is already on shelves, and pumpkin spiced everything is starting to appear. These facts can only mean one thing: fall is right around the corner. Autumn is a season for harvesting, collecting, and cooking, so we’ve rounded up the best fall vegetables to serve this season.

  • Lean Proteins (That Aren’t Chicken or Fish)

    Lean Proteins (That Aren’t Chicken or Fish)

    If you’re trying to be a lean, mean cooking machine, you need protein. Proteins are critical to the function of our bodies. They are the building blocks for just about everything, including blood, hormones, muscles, and bones.

    However, not all protein is created equal. Some forms of protein are also loaded with “bad” fats – the sort of fats that clog our arteries and weigh us down. One way to avoid bad fats but still get your healthy amount of required proteins is to prepare lean proteins like chicken and fish. These two proteins can get boring after a while, though. So here are a few other food groups that can provide you with all the protein you need to keep your body in lean, mean condition.

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