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  • Flavors that Pair Well With: Pear

    Flavors that Pair Well With: Pear

    On the first day of Christmas, you don’t have to give your true love a partridge in a pear tree. Chances are, that special someone would be just as grateful to have a delicious dish that features the fresh and flavorful pear. Pears are filled with Vitamin C and fiber, so they’re good for warding off winter colds and keeping you feeling healthy through all those filling holiday feasts. If you’re wondering what sorts of flavors work well with this versatile fruit, we’ve got a few ideas that may get your creative juices flowing.

  • Picking the Perfect Finger Food for Your Party

    Picking the Perfect Finger Food for Your Party

    Parties are for socializing with friends and family but let's face it, they are also about food and drinks. The drinking and talking thing is pretty easy, but the eating and talking thing can get a little tricky, depending on the kinds of foods the host serves. Nobody wants to try and eat a taco on a miniature plate standing on a white carpet in a cashmere sweater. It’s easy to only give thought to entrees or desserts, but don’t overlook the planning involved when selecting the best finger foods for your friends. The easy flow of conversation and food will be the sign that you’ve created a successful selection for everyone to enjoy.

  • Holiday Cookie Guide

    Holiday Cookie Guide

    As the temperature drops in the month of December we all spend more and more time snuggled in the warmth of our homes. It’s no wonder then that we are drawn to spend even more time in our kitchens, filling the warmth with the smell of homemade cookies. The most difficult part of baking cookies is figuring out which one (or ten!) to make, they’re all so darn good! This guide will provide you with information to narrow down the choices. Or, you may just decide to make them all!

  • Brilliant Stocking Stuffers for Young Adult Children

    Brilliant Stocking Stuffers for Young Adult Children

    As kids get older, their holiday wish list items often shrink in size but increase in cost. Young adults also have developed their own sense of style and taste, so it can be challenging to find a gift that you are sure the recipient will enjoy. On top of that, many young adults also work or receive an allowance, which means they can buy their own music, games, and books. What’s a parent, relative, or friend to do? The answer can be found in your kitchen. Cooking-related gifts are practical and fun, stylish and inexpensive all at the same time. Here are a few ideas to get you cooking.

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