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  • Do You Know How to Eat Healthy

    Do You Know How to Eat Healthy

    “A New Year, a new you” – that’s how the saying goes, but three weeks into the new year, are you still holding true to your resolutions? When we think about making improvements to ourselves, we usually consider our physical health first. In our New Year’s resolutions we plan to lose weight and exercise more, but these general, sweeping ideas often fizzle out more quickly than your sparkler. But let’s say you really truly want to improve your eating habits this year, thinking of food in terms of diets are sure to lead to failure. So what guidelines can you follow to help you change your resolution into actual life-long eating habits?

  • Meet Crisp Cooking's Newest Products

    Meet Crisp Cooking's Newest Products

    At the start of a new year, we make resolutions to improve ourselves as people and the same sense of growth applies to our work here at Crisp Cooking. With these new products, we are continuing our promise to create high-quality, affordable kitchen tools that will allow you to create fresh and healthy meals for you and your family. While these products can be purchased individually, you can also take advantage of the savings gained when items are bought as part of a bundle. So here’s to a new year of delicious, healthy home-cooked meals!

  • Party-Worthy Dips

    Party-Worthy Dips

    Just because the temperature drops in the winter that doesn’t mean your social life has to pay the price. The colder months of the year are great opportunities to invite people over for fun, food, and friendship. For these informal gatherings, you don’t have to prepare a four-course meal. Simply having finger foods and other appetizers will suffice. One of the most versatile and wonderful finger foods are easy to make dips. Dips come in all forms, temperatures, and tastes, so creating a few for your guests to enjoy will practically ensure warm feelings all around.

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