9 Awesome Food Subscriptions for 2016

Getting something in the mail that isn’t a bill is always excited! So why not set yourself or a friend or family member up for a lovely monthly or weekly surprise with a food subscription in 2016?

Whether you want regular shipments of snacks, beer, coffee, sweets, or full meals, there’s now a delivery food subscription club for just about any taste. To add a little something extra to a food subscription opt for one that lets you show off your culinary skills and use your awesome Crisp kitchen tools!

Meal Boxes

Finding time to go grocery shopping can be a hassle and expanding your recipe repertoire is intimidating for some folks. To solve both problems consider a weekly meal delivery. Unlike the old clubs that drop off prepared frozen fare at your doorstep there are now several companies that deliver fresh products and a matching recipe.

These clubs typically include a recipe card, easy to follow cooking instructions, perfectly proportioned ingredients (down to the spices you’ll need) and seasonal produce. Some let you select which recipes you’ll receive each week while others surprise you. It’s a great way to try something new without stressing about finding elusive or out-of-season ingredients.

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Meats & Cheese

If you can’t pass up a good charcuterie board sign up for a monthly meat and a monthly cheese club to feed your craving at home. Some highlight gourmet offerings of a particular specialty item while other clubs can introduce you to a literal world of flavors. These clubs are great ideas for people who entertain often. With a monthly delivery of fresh, hand-selected goodies on hand you’ll always be ready for company (as long as you don’t eat it all first!).

If you want to keep it a little more down to earth, there are also plenty of bacon of the month clubs to keep your breakfast and BLT taste buds dancing.

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Spices and herbs are one of the best ways to pack a lot of flavor into any dish. Unfortunately, spices can be pretty expensive to buy at random when you don’t even know if you like the flavor yet or only have one or two recipes that need a dash.

People who want to explore the wonderful world of spices can solve that problem with a monthly spice club. These subscriptions typically come with smaller packs of a few spices from around the world and include recipe cards to tell you have to use your new seasonings.

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Why These Subscripts are Great

Opting for one of these types of clubs, instead of a monthly snack or tea subscription, not only provides you with yummy treats but let’s you expand your skills in the kitchen. Whether it’s learning a favorite recipe from a meal subscription so well that you can make it without the box or understanding the flavor of a certain type of cheese or spice well enough to create your own pairings and new dishes, subscribing to a monthly food club that lets you work with the ingredients is a box that keeps on giving long after that month’s delivery is gone.

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