Brilliant Stocking Stuffers for Young Adult Children

As kids get older, their holiday wish list items often shrink in size but increase in cost. Young adults also have developed their own sense of style and taste, so it can be challenging to find a gift that you are sure the recipient will enjoy. On top of that, many young adults also work or receive an allowance, which means they can buy their own music, games, and books. What’s a parent, relative, or friend to do? The answer can be found in your kitchen. Cooking-related gifts are practical and fun, stylish and inexpensive all at the same time. Here are a few ideas to get you cooking.

Grocery Story Gift Package

Themed gifts are always fun, and if your chef lives away from home, a grocery store gift package is always appreciated. A gift card will likely be the main star of the package. From there, consider buying different sized reusable bags, including an insulated one for cold groceries. You could also include a plastic bag dispenser or a grocery organizer for the trunk of your chef’s car. For a final touch, you can include a recipe book as well.

Apply Yourself

Not all kitchen appliances are expensive. There are quite a few handy appliances that can be purchased for a modest amount, including toasters, hand-held mixers, griddles, and small food processors. In addition to the appliance, you can create a themed present by including items that go along with the appliance. For example, if you’re giving your chef a toaster, you may want to include a nice bread slicer, some butter knives, and small plates. Along with a hand mixer, you could include mixing bowls and a rubber spatula. Griddles go perfectly with pancake mix and a big jug of maple syrup.

Chef’s Tools

Many chefs, even those who have just moved away from home, have in their kitchens the basic cooking items: pots, pans, spatulas, stirring spoons, etc. As we get older, we begin to build our collection of cooking tools, and you can assist your chef in this process by giving him or her quality cooking tools. These special tools allow your chef to take food preparation to a new level, which will also enable your chef to start branching out and experimenting with recipes. For example, garlic is an incredibly useful ingredient that can be included in recipes ranging from soups to sauces to soufflés. Having a garlic press on hand makes peeling, chopping, and mincing garlic a much easier process for which your chef will be most grateful.

Another handy gadget that adds a lot of flavor to a recipe is the zester. This tool will allow your chef to add lemon or lime zest to favorite cake recipes, brownie batter, or chicken dishes. Does your chef enjoy fresh produce? Consider gifting an avocado tool that can make the process of slicing avocados short and simple. Here again, you add other objects to make the gift more like a package. The lemon zester is best accompanied by bags of lemons and limes, and you can pair the avocado tool with avocados, tomatoes, red onions, and bag of tortilla chips and a recipe for guacamole.


After the meal has been prepared, you don’t want your chef to put their creation on a bunch of paper plates, right? Consider giving your chef some nice serving wear and tools that he or she can use. You may want to pair these serving items with a kitchen tool. Going back to the avocado tool, you could buy a serving bowl for the guacamole and a large bowl for the chips. Along with the zester and lemons, you make want to give your chef a roasting pan for chicken. A garlic press can be combined with a quality set of knives and a cutting board. Your chef will appreciate your thoughtful, practical, and quality gifts for years to come.

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