Cooking and Baking with Apples: Tips and Ideas for Recipes

Apple season is upon us, and there are literally zillions of ways for you to enjoy the healthy and tasty fruit. High in Vitamin C and fiber, apples are more than a flashy dessert. They can add sweetness, crispness, and brightness to all kinds of recipes. And this month, we at Crisp are happy to make using apples in the kitchen easier: we are offering our sleek apple slicer kitchen gadget at 20% off for the whole month of October.

Now for some new ways to put it to use …!

Many of us will be putting our apple slicers to work this season turning out apple pies – and who can argue with that? But there are lots of other tasty desserts that feature apple slices. Tarts, clafoutis, and strudels for the ambitious pastry set.

Somewhat less intimidating, a great last-minute dessert for unexpected company is apple slices sautéed in butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon and served warm over vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt.

An even easier make-ahead sweet is apple slices with homemade toffee dip. It will take you five minutes to whip up a batch to take to a potluck or office party. You’ll want to take your apple slicer with you to cut the apples at the last minute so they don’t turn an unappetizing brown – and then watch as people park themselves near your dip and feast until it is all gone.

Don’t have a sweet tooth? Don’t worry – apples have loads of savory applications as well. They pair wonderfully with leeks and become a special surprise ingredient in leek stew or roasted chicken with leeks. They also complement sausage and add a note of sweetness to a sausage-y stuffing or breakfast casserole.

Apples make great cameo appearances alongside vegetables that may need a little help in the deliciousness department. For example, spice up your roasted Brussels sprouts with some chopped apple, or toss them into a spinach salad with crumbled bacon. Shredded green apples are a great addition to a coleslaw or carrot salad.

Here’s a tip that will make you a legend: add some chopped green apple the next time you make guacamole. It adds a crisp and bright note that perks guacamole right up. Or try using apple slices as your guacamole vehicle in place of tortilla chips. Either way, avocadoes and green apples bring out the best in each other.

You can take a familiar sandwich soaring into sublime territory by layering thinly sliced apples into a turkey or even a peanut butter sandwich. Omit the jelly and enjoy the sweet crunch of apples instead.

If the apples on your counter are starting to wilt a little, they’re probably perfect for making homemade apple sauce or chutney. They’re both easier than you’d expect and will give your fading apples a second wind.

Here’s a way to use apples that will wow your friends, yet is actually super simple: apple-infused vodka. Slice up an apple or two and put the slices in a large jar. Pour in enough vodka to cover the apples. Cover and forget about it for a few days or a few weeks. When you come back to it, strain the vodka into a clean jar, discard the apples (or throw them into a tipsy pie?), and you are ready to make some truly special apple cocktails. Try appletinis, apple mojitos, or come up with your own concoctions.

For many of us, though, the very best apple application is still going to be unadorned slices, tart and crisp, straight into our mouths. If this is your family’s preferred mode of apple intake, we’d like you to know that we also have an apple slicer specially made for smaller hands so your kids can get out of your hair and prepare their own snacks.

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