Kitchen Gadgets to Make Holiday Meal Prep Easier & Faster

The holidays are one of the busiest times of the year, especially in our kitchens. Visitors come and go, work parties and potlucks are in full swing, and everyone likes to savor their days at home with yummy food. As a gift to yourself, make sure you have the right tools and gadgets to make your holiday meal preparation as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Zest is the Best

When the weather is cold and the leaves are gone from the trees, it’s nice to add a pop of color to your meals. Curls of lemon, lime, and orange peel make for festive and decorative features atop desserts, meats, and even drinks. With the right zester, making these beautiful adornments is easy and fast. But zest isn’t just for outside eye candy, many recipes feature zest baked or cooked within as well. The easiest method is to add the zest to hot dishes, such as pasta or soups. You can also add zest sauces and dressings, or bake them right into lemon bars, cakes, or muffins. A quality zester should fit comfortably in your hand and easily create aromatic, colorful zest for all of your holiday dishes.

Herb is the Word

The flavors of our food often come from the power of herbs. These small plants provide the rich, layered tastes that light up our taste buds and our faces with enjoyment. Fresh herbs bring extra notes of flavor to our meals, but cutting and mincing and crushing them can be time consuming. Owning a quality herb mincer makes these tasks more manageable and quicker. The best herb mincers will feature a sharp rolling blade, capable of cutting the leaves without bruising or damaging them. You should also look for one with the added benefit of a comfortable hand grip and a place to strip herbs like thyme and rosemary. Dishwasher safe? Yes, please.

With a Cherry On Top

Cherries are so delicious, but, to be honest, those pesky pits make cherry preparation pretty preposterous. Enter: the cherry pitter. This handy little device does all the hard work for you by using a spring-loaded plunger to remove the pit of each precious cherry. And not only does it remove the pit, but the pit automatically goes into a storage chamber that can be emptied right into the trash, eliminating extra clean-up and cherry stains. And the fact that the gadget is dishwasher safe is just the cherry on top.

Press Yes

The aroma of garlic is so beautiful and fragrant… unless it’s on your hands. If you love the taste of garlic, but would like to take the task of crushing it off of your hands, it’s worth investing in a quality garlic press. This gadget will help you crush and mince garlic for all of your favorite dishes: stews, soups, pasta, and casseroles. Look for a garlic press that offers a comfortable grip and a way to get the garlic from the press without having to use your hands. These small touches make a big difference when working with small cloves that pack a powerful punch of flavor.

Slice of Heaven

Apples fall from the trees in the fall, so they can end up on our tables in the winter. These amazing fruits are full of natural sugars, fibers, and vitamins, which is why they are rumored to keep the doctor away. They are incredibly versatile too; you can bake them, cook them, dry them out, and even fry them up. No matter what manner of preparation, you still have to core them though. An apple slicer removes the bore of coring by allowing you to core the apple and create sliced wedges with one fell stroke. When looking for an apple slice, be sure to find on with a wide grip, so your hands aren’t as likely to slip when applying pressure. The best quality slicers will be made of stainless steel, which will stand up to the slicing and washing over time.

Give a Little Squeeze

Fresh just tastes better. Knowing this should make buying a juicer an easy, squeezy choice. If you like the flavors of all kinds of citrus, you will likely love a dual juicer. This device has two sizes to allow for the juicing of oranges, lemons, and limes. The Crisp juicer even takes it to another level by allowing you to select between two amounts of pulp when pouring the juice into your container. So now you know how to easily bring fresh squeezed juices to all of your favorite smoothies, cookies, cakes, and drinks this holiday season.

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