Meet Crisp Cooking's Newest Products

At the start of a new year, we make resolutions to improve ourselves as people and the same sense of growth applies to our work here at Crisp Cooking. With these new products, we are continuing our promise to create high-quality, affordable kitchen tools that will allow you to create fresh and healthy meals for you and your family. While these products can be purchased individually, you can also take advantage of the savings gained when items are bought as part of a bundle. So here’s to a new year of delicious, healthy home-cooked meals!

It’s In the Bag

Leaving produce in the plastic grocery bags can create some seriously slimy situations. The plastic allows moisture to build up and then spoil the fresh produce you’ve spent time and money to bring home. Most of these bags are opaque, which means you can often forget about produce you’ve purchased because you don’t see it when you open the refrigerator drawer. Putting your produce in plastic bags at the store also takes it's toll on the environment. So what’s a chef to do? Crisp is proud to introduce our new set of 5 produce bags. These five bags are light weight so they are easy to bring to the store and won’t take up a lot of space in your shopping cart. They are also transparent, so you can see the produce you have purchased and they each have their own unique drawstring color to help you quickly organize each variety of fruit or veggie. Unlike plastic bags, our produce bags are reusable and machine washable.

Chef’s Knife

When cooking, there are times when we need a very specific tool and there are other times when the all-purpose tool is exactly what we need. Our new Chef’s Knife is that perfect all-purpose tool. With a 7.5 inch blade made of high-grade stainless steel, this knife can easily cut through fruits, veggies, and meat. The handle is easy-to-grasp thanks to rubber grip that is comfortable to hold and can prevent the knife from slipping in your hand. It also happens to be designed with modern kitchens in mind – it is sleek and vibrantly colored. All of these features make the Chef’s Knife the perfect tool for cutting, slicing, and chopping the ingredients for your meals. It is also dishwasher safe to make it even more convenient.

Santoku Knife

There are so many reasons to love a quality Santoku knife. Originated in Japan, this style of knife makes the finer cuts a breeze. Our Santoku knife has a strong, stainless steel 7-inch blade. The stainless steel is so smooth that food does not easily stick to it, making your tasks of slicing, dicing, and mincing much quicker. The shape of the blade is long and flat, making it ideal for use with fresh fruits and vegetables. The ergonomic handle helps you keep a solid grip on the knife, whether you’re using it to mincing garlic or turning the blade on its broad side to scoop onions into the pan. As with the Chef’s Knife, our Santoku Knife features a sleek design and bold pop of color and is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. It also comes with a protective to sheath to keep your fingers safe when the knife is stored.

Buy a Bundle, Save a Bundle

Yes, you can buy these knives individually, but you should also know that when you buy them as part of a bundle, you are cutting costs too. Both our Chef’s Knife and Santoku knife are part of our 5 piece and 8 piece knife bundle. Before deciding which bundle works for you, conduct a self-assessment of the knives you currently own and also think about the types of cutting you most commonly do. These bundles have vibrant colors to set your kitchen apart from your friends and contain all the knives you need for any situation!

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