Spooky Cocktails for Halloween

Who says kids get to have all the fun on Halloween night? Yes, they get the candy, but we can enjoy cocktails that are sure to leave us cackling by the end of the night.

Wicked Witch of the West

The Wicked Witch ended her night by yelling, “I’m melting! I’m melting!” and after a few of these cocktails you might be saying the same. (Or maybe the 2015 version, “I can’t feel my face when I’m with you.”) You’ll want to use martini glasses for this one, and if you have black martini glasses that’s even better. For the drink, use your favorite Appletini recipe. Most of these call for vodka, sour apple liqueur, and lemon juice. Next, find a long, wooden spoon to create a stir stick that looks like a broom. Attach pieces of raffia to the spoon so it looks like the end of a broom. Put the handle part into the pitcher so the raffia sticks out of the top. For an extra something, buy a tiny pair of shoes and coat them with red glitter spray paint. Arrange the martini glasses, pitcher with broom stir stick, and the shoes at the end of a yellow table runner. Everyone will be delighted… and your little dog too.

Orange You Glad You Had This Drink?

This drink can be made and served into any kind of glass, but you can add some spice to this pumpkin theme with a little extra money and time. Go to a thrift store and buy glasses of different sizes and shapes – but they all must be made of clear glass. Next, create unique jack-o-lantern faces on each one with black permanent marker. (You can use construction paper if you’d like to use the glasses for something else later.) Set up your drink area by arranging the glasses together near a tall pitcher of an orange-colored cocktail, like Agent Orange, Tequila Sunrise, or Screwdriver. Finally, garnish each glass with a twist of lime peel. Guests will love visiting the pumpkin patch and selecting their unique cup and filling it up.

Black & Tan Spider

For your beer drinkers, there’s nothing complicated about making the tradition Black and Tan. To make this drink more festive, you’ll need to do a little preparation. First, buy some plastic black spoons and black pipe cleaners. Cut the pipe cleaners in half so you end up with eight legs. (You see where we’re going with this.) Next, use a hot glue gun to glue the legs onto the handle of the spoon. Important: glue the legs so you can attach the spoon to the glass with the rounded part of the spoon facing toward the ceiling. When you’re ready to serve the drink, you will fill a pint glass halfway with pale ale. With a solid grip on your spider spoon, and in full view of your admiring guests, fill the rest of the glass with dark stout, like Guinness, by slowly pouring it over the spider spoon. This step will prevent spilling and help retain the two layers of the drink. For an added touch, serve the glass on a spider web coaster.

Want a drink that’s a little sweeter? No problem! The concept of this drink can be created using the recipe for Black Velvet. Fill half a flute with sparkling wine and then, using the same spider spoon trick, slowly pour in a chilled stout beer.

Fun with Frozen

You’ve heard “Let It Go” so many times, you need these drink ideas! To create an Elsa-inspired drink, follow any cocktail recipe that involves blue curacao. One such recipe is called “Papa Smurf,” and includes equal parts light rum, vodka, gin, tequila, and blue curacao. After these ingredients are mixed, pour the drink into a daiquiri glass and give it a splash of lemon-line soda. For the finishing touch, add several curls of lemon rind bunched together (or even braided) on one side of the glass. (For the younger crowd, you can achieve the same idea by using blue Kool-aid or Gatorade instead of alcohol and plastic cups instead of glass.)

Perhaps you want to build a snowman? First, create an orange conical nose with construction paper and a mouth with one tooth in it. Next, affix the nose and mouth to a short brandy glass, and then add two googly eyes. Add your frozen pina colada and few slivers of chocolate sticking out of the top. Even Olaf would be proud to sip that drink on the beach somewhere.


Use this idea as a bargaining tool to score some candy from tiny fans of ballet. Simply take pink tissue paper and cut a three inch strip. Fold or wrinkle it up a little to make it look like tulle, and then use tape or glue to attach it all the way around a colored plastic up, right under the lip. Using a black permanent marker, draw legs coming down from the skirt and then draw ballet-slipper adorned feet near the bottom of the cup. Add your favorite Shirley Temple mixture, serve, and take a bow.

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