Tailor Made Products Launches New Brand Crisp™, a Bold Collection of Kitchen Tools

Here to solve everyday problems in the kitchen, Tailor Made Products, Inc. has launched their new collection of Crisp™ cooking tools for fruit and vegetable preparation. The inventive collection of 27 kitchen tools is available in five colors, each chosen to match real fruits and vegetables. These tools have been uniquely engineered to save time, ensure great results, and provide an enjoyable food prepping experience. Blending a clean aesthetic with superior function, Crisp tools have been refined by a panel of exceptional cooks and tested by culinary experts to ensure a fantastic cooking experience. Not only are they simple to use, but they transform the mundane prep experience into a craft filled with culinary adventures and more satisfying possibilities. It’s time to create with Crisp.

"We understand that foodies, healthy eaters, and cooking hobbyists alike want tools that work well, save time and look great in their kitchen. Crisp is our response to this need. Unlike competitors, Crisp tools have been carefully designed with added features for functionality and comfort,” said Larry Glass, CEO of Tailor Made Products, Inc.

Developed by award-winning housewares designer Carter McGuyer Design Group with a special eye towards style, the Crisp™ tools are equal parts beautiful, functional and cost-efficient. Carter McGuyer and his wife and co-founder Brandi bring to the table over 25 years combined experience in the housewares industry, hold more than 150 patents and have brought more than 350 products successfully to market, many of which can be found in the kitchen drawer.

"The Crisp brand is near and dear to us as designers. These tools set out to conquer the many challenges we’ve seen with kitchen prep over the last decade. Crisp tools have been specifically engineered to fit your hand so well, it’s like they were designed for you. Contoured handles, angled blades, and features like dishwasher safe construction round out the Crisp line,” said designer Carter McGuyer, who has received the Housewares Design Award for Best in Show, the Red Dot Design Award, the Gourmet Gold Award for his past work.

The new line of Crisp cooking tools includes the following unique offerings:

  • Bird’s Beak Paring Knife – Lightweight and easy-to-hold for more fluid hand motions, the Bird’s Beak Paring Knife has a uniquely contoured blade making it perfect for cutting or peeling round objects, like apples or potatoes. Also includes a storage sheath with a built-in blade sharpener. (MSRP: $11.99)
  • Complete Avocado Tool – Designed for easy cutting and uniform slices, the Crisp Complete Avocado Tool makes pitting and slicing easy, as the high quality, stainless steel cutting wires move through an avocado like butter. (MSRP: $14.99)
  • Herb Mincer – Perfect for quick and uniform mincing with 5 high quality, stainless steel blades. Great for adding a flavor boost to salads, marinades and garnishes. (MSRP: $15.99)
  • 3 Pack Berry Baskets – Durable 1 quart Berry Baskets work as colanders, serving containers and storage for strawberries, raspberries and more. Designed to wash and drain berries without excess water pooling, these baskets come in fun colors and are perfect for refrigerator storage and serving. (MSRP: $10.99)
  • Serrated Peeler – The ergonomic design of the angled head creates the perfect cutting position for fast, effortless and safe peeling. The sharp serrated blade is excellent for soft skinned produce, like tomatoes. (MSRP: $8.99)
  • Wavy Knife – Ideal for decorative cutting, the Crisp Wavy Knife works wonders on carrots, cucumbers and potatoes for creative and personalized prep. (MSRP: $12.99)
  • 4 in 1 Zester – The Crisp Complete Citrus Tool effortlessly performs four different functions, allowing you to add the perfect finishing touch to your recipe or cocktail with lemons, limes, oranges and more using one tool. (MSRP: $12.99)

Crisp cooking tools are available for purchase at CrispCooking.com. Each item in the collection is dishwasher safe and affordably priced from $5.99 to $19.99. To learn more about Crisp, visit CrispCooking.com. Find Crisp on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest @CrispCooking.

About Crisp™
Crisp is a bold, new collection of fruit and vegetable cooking tools that transforms tedious kitchen prep to a world of delicious possibilities. We believe healthy eating should be exciting, and there’s no end to what you’ll create with Crisp tools.

About Tailor Made Products, Inc.
Crisp brand kitchen tools is one of Tailor Made Products, Inc.’s branded lines of kitchenware, sister brand to the inspirational kids cooking line, Curious Chef®. Founded in 1994, Tailor Made Products, Inc. holds strong to its commitment in both business and personal excellence, providing safe and innovative housewares products to their customers, including quality kitchen utensils and gadgets.

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