Herb Mincer

Herb Mincer
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Herb Mincer

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    The Crisp™ HERB MINCER is a unique cooking gadget that allows the home chef to safely and quickly mince fresh herbs without bruising. The sleek design on this superior kitchen tool features a soft-touch rubber grip that fits right in the palm of your hand and keeps fingers safely away from the blade. The five sharp stainless steel blades will instantly mince your choice of parsley, rosemary, oregano, dill, thyme and more!

    If that weren’t enough, this versatile kitchen gadget is designed with a small and large herb stripper for quick and easy prep. Whether you have bushels of homegrown herbs or simply a small selection from the store, this herb stripper is equipped to prepare herbs for any dish you could imagine.

    Because the blades are stainless steel, they’ll durably hold up to corrosion and normal wear and tear. When not in use, the protective cover guards the blades, allowing you to safely store the product. This wonderful kitchen tool also happens to be dishwasher-safe, making cleanup quick and easy.

    The Crisp™ herb mincer is a must-have kitchen tool for kitchen chefs who know that infusing their meals with the taste of fresh healthy herbs is a great way to elevate the look and taste of any dish!
  • "The mincer’s shape was a perfect, comfortable fit for my hand and it comes with a blade cover for safety in storage. Another feature that I love about the Herb Mincer is that it is so easy to clean.

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