Lettuce Knife

Lettuce Knife
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Lettuce Knife

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    Lettuce be your helper! With the Crisp™ LETTUCE KNIFE, you can cut lettuce without browning or bruising. This handy kitchen tool was constructed with a 7-inch plastic blade. Unlike kitchen knives crafted in metal, the plastic found in the Crisp™ Lettuce Knife will never cause your lettuce to turn rusty and brown after cutting. The blade’s length and deep-tooth serrated design ensure it can accommodate even the largest heads of lettuce and bunches of greens too. Making salads and shredding iceberg lettuce for tacos will be so effortless - you’ll want to eat leafy greens all the time!

    Not only is this a fantastic cutting tool for preparing salads, but it doubles as the perfect tool for slicing soft produce items, such as tomatoes, mushrooms or strawberries. The ergonomic handle and soft-touch rubber grips provide a comfortable grip and superior cutting control when tackling all your cutting and prep work in the kitchen. The best part is that this superior kitchen tool is completely dishwasher-safe! When you’ve had your fill of leafy greens and fresh tasty salads, simply pop the lettuce knife in the dishwasher for a full cleanse. This is a kitchen cutting tool you will reach for again and again!
  • "...Sturdy construction, clean lines and usefulness. Great kitchen tools and they come at affordable prices.

    Andrea Kruse
    Adventures in All Things Food