Melon Baller

Melon Baller Set
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Melon Baller

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    This bright, colorful and fun kitchen gadget is perfect for creating a delicious melon salad or a picturesque bowl of melon balls. The Crisp™ MELON BALLER comes with three scoop options: small, large and serrated. Each scoop option on this kitchen tool is uniquely designed with a hole in the scoop for easy grip and release functionality from foods.

    This melon baller also features an innovative rotating design that provides convenient storage in between uses. Not only does the rotating design minimize the amount of melon tools you will need, but the different sizes of the small and large scoops allow you to create beautiful melon ball presentations for parties and dinner events.

    The serrated scoop option also provides an excellent way to hull strawberries or tomatoes. The serrated edges neatly grip and remove strawberry hulls in one fluid motion. Combined with the easy-to-grasp soft touch handle and dishwasher-safe status, this handy kitchen gadget makes the perfect tool for chefs of all experience levels!
  • "I've always wanted to create a watermelon fruit basket (the kind where you carve the watermelon into a shape, such as a baby or a fish, and fill it with fruit), and this melon baller will help me achieve it.

    Recipe Lion
    Recipe Lion

  • "The fruit and vegetable preparation tools are not only colorful, but easy to use too. So wow your friends (or just yourself) with how pretty your healthy eats will be with tools like the avocado tool, pepper corer or melon baller (these are my faves).

    Robbie Darby