National Soup Month (5 Ways To SPICE UP Soup Recipes)

National Soup Month is upon us. It’s no surprise that soup starts to sound pretty appealing during the cold month of January, when all you want to do is stay warm. Soup is easy to make and easy to make in large amounts – so you can freeze leftovers for nights when you do not want to cook. And with the abundant variety of soup recipes out there, you can taste a whole myriad of flavors during National Soup Month. Here are a few ways you can add different ingredients to your soup recipes and spice up your soup life.

1. Add Whole Grains

Using whole grains in your soups can take your recipe from a light, side dish or lunch, and make it a main course. Whole grains pack big nutrition, plenty of super-important fiber, and are digested far slower than rice or pasta, which will keep you full and your blood sugar from spiking. Quinoa, bulgur, barley, oh my! Add a handful for great texture and taste. Keep in mind that different grains will have different cook times. 

2. Experience Unique Flavors

If you’re sick of your go-to soup, National Soup Month is the time to experiment. Learn new recipes. Add interesting flavors. Try using ginger, lemon, balsamic, or any other spice you’ve been itching to taste. Let your wild side run free. 

3. Learn To Make That Perfect Stock 

Invest in your stock ritual! If you have been relying on canned or boxed stock, use National Soup Month as an excuse to get to work on perfecting your homemade stock. Boiling bones or veggies, adding the right aromatics, straining, etc. It is a commitment to put in all those hours, but trust us, take some time on a weekend and learn how to create your favorite stock (it may sound time consuming, but you probably won’t go back to the pre-made stuff after you try this). Whether you want chicken, beef, or vegetable stock, you’ll prefer a delicious homemade broth – make a lot, store it, and you’ll be able to use it throughout this soup-filled month.

4. Make Use Of Your Leftover Cheese Rinds

If you are a cheese lover, you’ll know the sadness that comes with reaching the rind. But now that rind is no longer useless! You can use it to boost the flavor of your soup. Now your favorite cheese can also be a flavor in your favorite soup. The rind will often disappear completely during the cooking process, leaving behind only delicious taste. 

5. Pump Up The Health Value

Sure, chicken noodle is tasty and should be able to cure what ails you. But boosting the healthy ingredients in a soup will just enhance its powers! Got a motley of veggies in your fridge? Throwing them into the soup will give you some extra nutrition, and keep you from throwing out produce simply because you couldn’t use it all. Kale, mustard greens, turnips, cauliflower, you name it – all of it can potentially go straight into your soup pot. Be sure to consider the cooking times of different vegetables. Smaller ones and light.