Paring Knife Set Gift Bundle

Paring Knife Set Gift Bundle

Paring Knife Set Gift Bundle

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    The Crisp™ KNIFE SET GIFT BUNDLE includes 3 of our high-quality paring knives: the SERRATED PARING KNIFE, the STRAIGHT PARING KNIFE, AND the BIRD’S BEAK PARING KNIFE. Each handy kitchen cutlery combines comfort and precision with our ergonomic design, easy-to-grip handle, and non-stick blade. These cutting tools are also labeled so less experienced chefs know whether to cut, slice, chop, pare or peel! Even the most novice chef can prepare a feast with these pairing knives, since there is a built-in instruction manual!

    Dual-function covers both protect the knives for safe storage, as well as provide a sharpener to ensure a sharpened blade at all times. From peeling to slicing and cutting to dicing, this complete pairing knife set is an ideal present for the foodie in your life... even if that foodie happens to be yourself. And we highly recommend treating yourself with the gift of the best pairing knives.

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