Pepper Corer

Pepper Corer
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Pepper Corer

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    The Crisp™ PEPPER CORER kitchen gadget features multiple serrated and fine cutting edges for coring, cutting and scooping seeds out of peppers of all shapes and sizes. With the assistance of this unique cooking tool, you can quickly turn fresh bell peppers into precisely-cut strips — perfect for making fajitas, stir-fry’s, and more.

    The Crisp™ Pepper Corer is equipped with a durable stainless steel blade and an additional safety blade cover for convenient storage. Because the blade is constructed with stainless steel, this item withstands corrosion caused by normal wear and tear. When the tool is in use, the high-quality blade quickly tears through peppers while the easy-to-grasp, ergonomic handle provides a good, strong grip.

    Simply slice open your choice of pepper and slide the pepper corer tool along the skin to remove seeds. Once the seeds have been removed, turn the tool on its side to slice and dice for meals.

    Whether you favor a spicy Serrano or a mild Bell Pepper, this handy kitchen tool will quickly become your favorite gadget in the house!
  • "The fruit and vegetable preparation tools are not only colorful, but easy to use too. So wow your friends (or just yourself) with how pretty your healthy eats will be with tools like the avocado tool, pepper corer or melon baller (these are my faves).

    Robbie Darby