Crisp Cooking Gadgets for Your Next Kitchen Adventure

Crisp makes all the cooking tools you need to conquer your next culinary adventure. These innovative kitchen gadgets were created to offer home cooks of every level fun, functional, affordable, and easy-to-use fruit and vegetable prep tools.

Crisp cooking gadgets are so much more than your average kitchen knife. These cooking tools solve real problems everyday chefs face in the kitchen, from being able to easily pit and slice an avocado to how to stash berries without water pooling everywhere. From pitting your own cherries, to creating the perfect melon balls for a fruit salad, to chopping lettuce and mincing herbs without bruising, working with Crisp cooking tools makes anything possible. The Crisp solutions are as elegant and eye catching as they are practical and useful. Many Crisp cooking gadgets are multi-functional so save you time and precious kitchen space.

Designed by an award-winning housewares team, all our Crisp cooking tools feature comfortable ergonomic handles, sleek strong blades, and the perfect angles to make prepping faster, easier, more comfortable, and more fun. The clean white color with pops of fun, fresh, bright colors will make your Crisp tools easy to find whenever you need them. They’re so much fun to use you might just find yourself in the kitchen a bit more.

Create with Crisp™ Cooking
Discover a world of possibilities.
HERB MINCER – Mince, Strip & Cut. The Crisp™ herb mincer cooking tool prevents your herbs from bruising with 5 high quality stainless steel blades designed to produce fresh flavors to your dishes. The herb mincer is perfect kitchen gadget for quick mincing and adding uniform flavor boost to salads, marinades and garnishes.