Fruit & Veggie Prep

Easy to Use Fruit & Vegetable Prep Tools

Eating healthy can be a challenge if you’re not working with the right kitchen tools. When fruit and/or vegetable preparation takes too long and is tedious you’re less likely to follow through with your healthy eating resolution.

Crisp cooking tools change that. Now you can quickly and easily make gourmet salads at home without bruising or mauling your lettuce, tomatoes, and avocados. Crisp kitchen preparation tools are designed specifically to make fruit & veggie prepping quicker and easier for the everyday cook.

Ergonomically designed comfort-grip handles make slicing and dicing with Crisp’s veggie prep tools easy on the hands. Intentionally sleek and strong blades let you keep your fingers out of the way while you quickly chop up your favorite veggies. Crisp peelers feature innovated angled heads to make working easier and faster. There are even specialty tools to help you add a little pizzazz to your plate, like the Crisp Wavy Knife that’s perfect for carrots and potatoes.

Crisp has the perfect cooking tool for whatever fruit tickles your taste buds. Crisp offers a range of reimagined traditional kitchen tools – like knives and peelers – in a variety of sizes and designs to make working on any kitchen task easier. To take your culinary skills to the next level pick up a specialty tool like the Crisp Melon Baller, Crisp Strawberry Slicer, or Crisp Cherry Pitter – your friends will be amazed at your perfectly prepared fruit and have no idea that it took just minutes to prep!

Whether you’re washing fresh produce from your own garden, whipping up a batch of homemade guacamole, creating a masterpiece fruit salad, or mincing fresh herbs for a delicious marinade, Crisp has all the veggie prep tools you need to make working in the kitchen (and eating healthy) fun.

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SERRATED PEELER – Peel, Remove Eyes & Protect. The Crisp™ serrated peeler is ergonomically designed with an angled head, creating the perfect cutting tool position for fast, effortless and safe peeling. The sharp serrated blade is excellent for soft skinned produce like tomatoes and makes this a must have kitchen tool.