Multi-Use Tools

Multi-Use Tools

Get the Job Done With Crisp Multi-Use Cooking Tools

No matter how big your kitchen is, it always seems like draw space is at a premium. Solve that problem with innovative multi use cooking tools from Crisp. These useful multi-use cooking gadgets put a stop to the frustrating search for all the tools you need to make a simple meal.

The clever design of Crisp multi-use cooking tools drastically cuts prepping time by allowing you to clean, cut, trim, and peel your fruits and vegetables with fewer utensils. From scrubbing and de-kernelling corn to stripping and mincing herbs to deseeding and slicing fresh melon, Crisp tools makes cooking easier, more efficient, and more enjoyable.

Created by a team of award-winning homeware designers, Crisp multi use cooking tools are designed to make the life of the everyday home cook easier. With contoured ergonomic handles featuring comfort grips these kitchen gadgets fit easily and securely in your hand to help you work with confidence. Seamlessly move from one task to the next with these small, convenient, and stylish multi use cooking tools.

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COMPLETE AVOCADO TOOL – Cut, Pit & Slice. Avocados can be one of the most difficult fruits to prepare, whether struggling to pit or slice evenly. The Crisp™ complete avocado kitchen tool is designed for easy cutting and uniform slices. The high quality, stainless steel cutting wires move through an avocado like butter. This cooking tool will quickly become one of your favorite new kitchen gadgets!