Serrated Paring Knife

Serrated Paring Knife
Crisp Serrated Paring Knife Serrated Paring Knife with Cover Crisp Serrated Paring Knife with Cover Best Paring Knife for Apples

Serrated Paring Knife

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    Every kitchen needs a quality paring knife! The Crisp™ SERRATED PARING KNIFE is the perfect kitchen tool for cutting small fruits and vegetables with tough outer skins, such as lemons or oranges. This handy serrated cutting tool features a high-quality, non-stick stainless steel blade that makes it simple to slice through tough produce. The blade’s spear-point is also great for peeling produce items and removing stems.

    Not only can you use this knife for just about everything, but this cutting utensil is equipped with an ergonomic, easy-to-grip handle too. The unique and comfortable handle design makes it easy to wield and control the paring knife while preparing ingredients. To top it off, this cooking tool comes complete with a blade safety cover. The cover protects the blade and provides safe and easy storage.

    Whether you’re slicing oranges, apples or onions - this paring knife will become one of the most trusted cooking tools in your kitchen!
  • "With a nonstick, stainless steel serrated edge blade, the Crisp™ Serrated Paring Knife makes the job of cutting, paring, and slicing fruits and vegetables incredibly simple.

  • "I adore their serrated paring knife as it’s fantastic to dice soft skinned vegetables with.

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