Serrated Paring Knife and Serrated Peeler Set

Crisp Serrated Peeler and Paring Knife Set
Crisp Serrated Peeler and Paring Knife Set Red Serrated Peeler and Paring Knife Set Best Peeler for Mango Paring Knife for Apples Sheathed Paring Knife Serrated Peeler with Cover

Serrated Paring Knife and Serrated Peeler Set

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    Soft-skinned produce can be difficult to peel and cut, but with the Crisp™ SERRATED PARING KNIFE & SERRATED PEELER SET, fruits and veggies will be easily de-skinned and sliced! The serrated paring knife and serrated peeler are designed to be mindful of kitchens with small spaces, tying in multi-uses to help eliminate the need for more cooking gadgets. The serrated peeler features an angled, rotating head that conforms to the produce for a clean removal of skin. The stainless steel blade is also extremely strong and durable to withstand corrosion and normal wear and tear. The peeler also includes a blade cover to be used during storage for the protection of the blade and to prevent anyone from accidentally injuring themselves. With this fantastic serrated peeler, like all of our kitchen gadgets, you never sacrifice efficiency for comfort. The handle is designed with soft-touch rubber grips for padding and the tool is vibrantly colored to spice up any kitchen.

    Nothing pairs better with the serrated peeler than the serrated paring knife! This kitchen tool is perfect for slicing small, tough skinned fruits and vegetables, such as limes or oranges. The serrated paring knife is designed with a high-quality, non-stick, stainless steel blade that can cut through your toughest produce, while withstanding wear and tear. The spear-pointed end of the blade is also great for removing stems or even peeling produce. During storage, simply slide on the cover, included with your purchase, for added protection and safety for you and your family. Add these two vibrantly colored and stylish tools to your kitchen, and start creating delicious and healthy meals!

  • "With a nonstick, stainless steel serrated edge blade, the Crisp™ Serrated Paring Knife makes the job of cutting, paring, and slicing fruits and vegetables incredibly simple.

  • "I wasn't quite sure how it would work, but the Crisp Serrated Peeler peeled the tomato skin off with no problem at all!

    We Are Not Martha

  • "I peeled my cucumber with my Serrated Peeler which makes for a nice, clean peel. I have admit this is my favorite peeler ever! You don’t need a lot of pressure to peel your vegetables, plus it gives it a nice edge. You can also use it on soft vegetables like tomatoes. It peels like a dream. I love it!

    Peanut Butter & Peppers

  • "I adore their serrated paring knife as it’s fantastic to dice soft skinned vegetables with.

    Butter With a Side of Bread