Set of 3 Berry Baskets

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Set of 3 Berry Baskets

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This colorful Crisp™ Set of 3 Berry Baskets is as useful as it is eye-catching. Ideal for rinsing, straining, storing, and serving berries and chopped fruits and veggies, the baskets feature an innovative design that keeps water from pooling underneath. Keep your counter and fridge dry and your fruit clean with this beautiful and multi-functional kitchen tool!


  • Each basket has a 1qt. capacity
  • Durable 1 qt. capacity basket/colander is simple and effective for everyday straining and food prep
  • Baskets nest together for easy storage
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Dimensions: 5.17 in. X 5.17 in. X 3.71 in.
  • Imported
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    These berry baskets make us dream of summer time and going berry picking with loved ones, and we know they’ll inspire you, too! This cute kitchen accessory is the perfect place to not only store but strain delicious strawberries, raspberries, grapes and other produce items in your kitchen. Convenient and multifunctional, the Crisp™ SET OF 3 BERRY BASKETS are designed with a one-quart capacity and serve as both a colander and a storage container. The perfect way to keep seasonal berries and produce clean, fresh and tasty is by using these crafty fruit baskets! They are cleverly crafted so that water does not pool beneath the basket. They also snap together nicely for easy nesting storage when not in use.

    Plus, these plastic berry baskets brighten up your refrigerator, and who doesn’t love to see fresh produce in the fridge? Mushed produce stuck in a drawer will be a thing of the past with these berry baskets in hand!
  • "These enamel berry baskets are really pretty, not to mention practical. You can clean, store, and serve berries in them—or any other kind of fruit, really—and I love how they brighten my kitchen counter.

    Camille Rankin