Set of 3 Strainers

Set of 3 Strainers
Set of 3 Strainers Set of 3 Strainers Set of 3 Strainers Set of 3 Strainers Set of 3 Strainers

Set of 3 Strainers

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    Pasta night at your house? The Crisp™ SET OF 3 STRAINERS offers three conveniently-sized strainers for all your food straining needs in the kitchen. This innovative kitchen tool set comes in a ½ cup, 1 cup and 2 cup option, providing the ease of measuring ingredients and straining all in one easy step. Whether you have a potful of pasta to strain or a batch of fresh beans to rinse, you’ll find one of the three sizes is perfect for your needs.

    To keep you safe and your kitchen clean, this basket strainer set is also crafted with a raised non-skid base that keeps the strainer fixed in one place while liquids easily flow through the strainer’s perforations. Like our other innovative kitchen gadgets, the nesting mini strainer set is complete with soft touch handles. The soft touch rubber handles provide a comfortable grip that makes moving strainers around the kitchen a breeze. When not in use, the strainer set can be neatly stored anywhere in the kitchen. The nesting design allows this strainer set double as a compact and convenient storage tool.
  • "I have been delighted with the performance of Crisp kitchen tools. They are made from durable, high-quality materials. They are easy to clean with most being dishwasher safe.

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