Straight Paring Knife

Straight Paring Knife
Straight Paring Knife Straight Paring Knife with case and sharpener straight paring knife with protective case straight paring knife for broccoli Crisp Straight Paring Knife

Straight Paring Knife

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    This handy kitchen gadget is perfect for jobs that require precise control such as creating decorative shapes, slicing, peeling, dicing and mincing. The Crisp™ STRAIGHT PARING KNIFE cooking gadget features a high-quality, non-stick stainless steel blade. The stainless steel blade is strong and durable, providing you with a secure and steady dicing and cutting tool that will last a long time in your time your kitchen.

    This useful kitchen gadget happens to serve dual purposes. Not only can you slice, dice, mince and more, but keeping the blade sharp on your new favorite knife is easy. The blade’s cover protects the knife for safe storage and acts as an undercover knife sharpener. This handy built-in knife sharpener will help you maintain the paring knife’s sharp edge at all times.

    Our signature easy-to-grip handle and unique ergonomic design will fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. Like all of our innovative kitchen tools, this one features a touch of vibrantly-colored, soft-touch rubber grip on the handle for extra comfort. Whether you need a hint of minced garlic for seasoning or are prepping shrimp for a party, this paring knife will feel like an extension of your hand and quickly become one of your favorite kitchen tools.
  • "I love this paring knife. I use it in class, at home, and at work all the time.First of all, it stays sharp. That’s important. It might sound counter-intuitive, but you’re actually more likely to hurt yourself with a dull knife than a sharp one. Plus, see that little notch thing in the knife cover? That’s a built in sharpener.

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  • "I was really impressed with the Crisp paring knife because it has a cover that doubles as a sharpener. This is just so smart. Paring knives get used a lot but they don’t get sharpened as often as they should. This inexpensive knife which retails for $9.99 is perfect for camping or traveling. It’s a really smart innovation.

    Cooking with Amy