Straight Paring Knife and Straight Peeler Set

Crisp™ Straight Paring Knife and Straight Peeler Set
Crisp™ Straight Paring Knife and Straight Peeler Set Straight Paring Knife and Peeler Set Best Paring Knife for Broccoli best peeler for cucumbers straight paring knife with sharpening case straight peeler with cover

Straight Paring Knife and Straight Peeler Set

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    Peel, slice, dice, and mince with the Crisp™ STRAIGHT PARING KNIFE & STRAIGHT PEELER SET. The straight peeler is the ideal cooking and preparation tool for de-skinning your favorite fruits and vegetables, and its ergonomic design makes peeling comfortable and fast. The rotating, angled straight peeler with soft-touch rubber grips makes this kitchen tool not only extremely efficient, but comfortable too! More importantly, it’s a useful kitchen gadget that will last. The sharp angled straight peeler is made with durable stainless steel that is resistant to corrosion and everyday wear and tear. The blade also comes with a plastic cover for added protection during storage.

    After peeling with ease, slice, dice, and mince your favorite fruits and veggies with the straight paring knife, the perfect addition to everyone’s kitchen! The high quality, non-stick, stainless steel blade is strong and durable, providing you with the perfect long-lasting paring knife. The straight paring knife includes a blade cover that protects the knife during storage & acts as an undercover knife sharpener to keep your blade sharp as new! Like all of our helpful kitchen tools, the straight paring knife handle, created with your comfort in mind, features vibrantly colored soft touch rubber grips. These two kitchen utensils are not only efficient & comfortable, but their sleek style will add a bit of flare to any kitchen and will quickly become your favorite peeler and paring knife!

  • "Hands down, this is the best peeler I've used.

    My Mixing Bowl

  • "Last fall I attended IFBC (the International Food Blogger Conference) held here in Seattle. During the vendor fair (imagine a whole banquet room full of food and cooking vendors!), I was drawn to a table full of kitchen tools that caught my eye with their brightly colored and ergonomic handles. Oh my! I found myself drooling over them! These would look great in my kitchen! Straight Peeler- " I have tried so many peelers over the years but this one actually works! The versatile handle is designed so that you can hold it in a variety of positions and the angled head makes peeling so much more effortless."=

    Kristin Pot Pie