Straight Peeler

Straight Peeler
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Straight Peeler

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    Peel carrots, potatoes, apples, and more with this innovative kitchen tool. The Crisp™ STRAIGHT PEELER's ergonomic design makes removing the skin from your fruits and vegetables a snap. This innovative veggie peeler boasts an angled peeler head that creates an effortless cutting position. The straight blade makes this Crisp™ Straight Peeler the perfect companion to help you find your confidence in the kitchen.

    Not only does this handy kitchen tool make quick work of de-skinning your favorite fruits and vegetables, the Crisp™ Straight Peeler is one cooking tool that was built to last. The sharp angled peeler is constructed in a durable stainless steel that holds up to corrosion and normal wear and tear caused by everyday kitchen cooking. The sturdy plastic handle also features soft rubber grips that make using the tool completely comfortable. No matter what or how much food you have to prep, you’ll be happy to always have this unique kitchen gadget to call upon for all your peeling needs.
  • "To most people, a peeler is just a peeler. You go to the store and pick up the first one that you see, not giving it a second thought and you go home feeling accomplished. Well, I’m sorry to have to be the one to tell y’all this but, NO! If you've never had even a tiny bit of your skin peeled off by a tool that’s supposed to help you with something that’s seemingly so mundane as peeling the skin off a potato, then you probably don’t spend as much time in the kitchen prepping food as the rest of us. And lucky you because you don’t need to go through the horrible experience of cursing an inanimate object for not doing it’s job properly, all thanks to Crisp™ Cooking Tools!

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