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  • "I have a 4 year old that doesn't understand you need to spit the pit out of a cherry. It is such a pain to have to cut them out and to be honest it makes quite the mess. With the Cherry Pitter all I have to do is push down! I kid you not all I have to do is PUSH DOWN. The bottom even collects the pits for easy clean up. I don't know how I lived all these years without it.

    - The Simply Me Blog

  • "The Straight Paring Knife is the knife I reach for, most often, in my kitchen. It gets daily use for everything from peeling potatoes to dicing veggies or fruit.

    - Busy at Home

  • "What I like about this design feature is that my fingers stay off the garlic. No more digging into the garlic press to pick out the skin

    - Steamy Kitchen

  • "When I saw this Citrus Squeezer, I saw my life get a whole LOT easier! Not only can you squeeze the citrus fruit easier but it also easily measures it for you so you know when you have enough for your recipe!! I LOVE THAT!

    - The Review Stew

  • "I had no idea that I needed a channel knife but it makes scoring and slicing fruit so easy. I also love that it has a microplane as well as the traditional zesting blade so that I could get the exact amount of zest that I wanted. This tool also makes it really easy to create pretty garnishes for your pies, tarts, cocktail, or anything else you can think to dress up. No more one trick ponies when it comes to zesters, because this is an all in one tool.

    - Chic Vegan

  • "The new squeezer from Crisp is a little different. instead of just being a squeezer, it also measures the juice - and keeps it confined - while you squeeze. It makes sense.

    - Cookistry

  • "I was really impressed with the Crisp paring knife because it has a cover that doubles as a sharpener. This is just so smart. Paring knives get used a lot but they don’t get sharpened as often as they should. This inexpensive knife which retails for $9.99 is perfect for camping or traveling. It’s a really smart innovation.

    - Cooking with Amy

  • "I'm not exaggerating when I say I use one of these tools at least once a day. these tools have had numerous runs through the dishwasher and have yet to show any wear.My mom has arthritis in her hands and mentioned that the angled peeler we ordered for her is easier to grasp and she is back to peeling apples for pie. Needless to say Dad is now a Crisp fan as well.

    - Liv Life Too Yummly

  • "Making this cocktail gave me the opportunity to get crazy with my new Crisp Zester. Which isn’t just any zester. It’s a 4-in-1 zester. And, in case you can’t tell in the photos of my drink, I went totally zest wild.

    - We Are Not Martha

    We Are Not Martha
  • "I adore their serrated paring knife as it’s fantastic to dice soft skinned vegetables with.

    - Butter With a Side of Bread

  • "The Crisp tools have pleasantly surprising features, for example, the Crisp peeler has a stainless steel eyer at the top as well as a plastic safety cover to cover the blade for storage.

  • "Last fall I attended IFBC (the International Food Blogger Conference) held here in Seattle. During the vendor fair (imagine a whole banquet room full of food and cooking vendors!), I was drawn to a table full of kitchen tools that caught my eye with their brightly colored and ergonomic handles. Oh my! I found myself drooling over them! These would look great in my kitchen! Straight Peeler- " I have tried so many peelers over the years but this one actually works! The versatile handle is designed so that you can hold it in a variety of positions and the angled head makes peeling so much more effortless."=

    - Kristin Pot Pie

  • "I love this paring knife. I use it in class, at home, and at work all the time.First of all, it stays sharp. That’s important. It might sound counter-intuitive, but you’re actually more likely to hurt yourself with a dull knife than a sharp one. Plus, see that little notch thing in the knife cover? That’s a built in sharpener.

    - I'm Gonna Cook That

    I'm Gonna Cook That
  • "The first thing I loved was the ergonomic handle with rubber soft grip, which fits perfect in your hand. Another great feature is it’s a 4 in 1 tool, it has a scoring blade, channel knife, and two zesting blades. This multi-use Crisp™ Citrus Tool will become one of your favorite tools in the kitchen.

    - Fresh from Oregon

  • "I found that these were really great for my kids! The Crisp tools have bold, attractive colors that are made of very durable materials and are all dishwasher safe which are all perfect for my little chefs!

    - A Mama, Baby & a Shar-pei in the Kitchen

  • "I peeled my cucumber with my Serrated Peeler which makes for a nice, clean peel. I have admit this is my favorite peeler ever! You don’t need a lot of pressure to peel your vegetables, plus it gives it a nice edge. You can also use it on soft vegetables like tomatoes. It peels like a dream. I love it!

    - Peanut Butter & Peppers

    Peanut Butter & Peppers
  • "I wasn't quite sure how it would work, but the Crisp Serrated Peeler peeled the tomato skin off with no problem at all!

    - We Are Not Martha

    We Are Not Martha
  • "Trying to cut back on salt and processed foods but longing for a pop of bright flavor? For great flavor, the key is to just get the zest of the citrus fruit and none of the bitter, white pith that lies beneath it. With this Crisp Citrus Zester, you can do just that.

    - Yahoo! Health

  • "For the past couple of months, I’ve gotten the chance to play around with some Crisp™ kitchen tools. They make a bunch of fruit and vegetable gadgets that make eating healthy fun and the preparation possibilities endless. My absolute favorite though is the 4 in 1 zester.

    - Running to the Kitchen

  • "The concept of making this a 2-in-1 measuring cup plus strainer is just genius! Crisp tools would make great wedding gifts because they’re unique, and affordable – put together a couple in a gift basket, or pick up one of their awesome gift bundles! Likewise, anyone from a foodie to a teenager heading to college could benefit from something in their store. I like the fact that their products are practical, but unique enough that the recipient won’t already have 3 of them.

    - MomStart

  • "To most people, a peeler is just a peeler. You go to the store and pick up the first one that you see, not giving it a second thought and you go home feeling accomplished. Well, I’m sorry to have to be the one to tell y’all this but, NO! If you've never had even a tiny bit of your skin peeled off by a tool that’s supposed to help you with something that’s seemingly so mundane as peeling the skin off a potato, then you probably don’t spend as much time in the kitchen prepping food as the rest of us. And lucky you because you don’t need to go through the horrible experience of cursing an inanimate object for not doing it’s job properly, all thanks to Crisp™ Cooking Tools!

    - Steamy Kitchen

    Steamy Kitchen
  • "Not only are these tools incredibly well designed, but I adore how so many are multi-functional. They're slim, so you don't have to have a ton of drawer space, plus they thought of so many little extras in the design. I mean- have you ever seen a knife sharpener in the knife case?! Me either! Genius!

    Jessica Williams  |  Butter With a Side of Bread

  • "With a nonstick, stainless steel serrated edge blade, the Crisp™ Serrated Paring Knife makes the job of cutting, paring, and slicing fruits and vegetables incredibly simple.  |
  • "They also gave me one of their paring knife, which has a sharpener built right into the cover. I used it in class last Monday night, and I was really impressed. It cut through every veggie like butter. Very cool!

    I'm Gonna Cook That  |  I'm Gonna Cook That

    I'm Gonna Cook That
  • "Must haves to make prep quick and easy.  |
  • "I used my new knife to chop roasted red peppers and the artichoke hearts. I can already tell that this knife is going to be a favorite of mine! It has a high quality non-stick stainless steel blade and comes with a cover that sharpens and stores the knife

    Tonia  |  The Gunny Sack

  • "The Crisp berry baskets are adorable. I love their bright colors and compact size. If you want to be really organized, you can match up the fruit colors to the basket colors: green grapes in the green basket and strawberries in the red.

    Recipe Lion  |  Recipe Lion

    Recipe Lion
  • "You can pit so many cherries in just a short amount of time. Easy prep like this makes baking with cherries a whole lot easier.

    Recipe Lion  |  Recipe Lion

    Recipe Lion
  • "I used an Herb Mincer. Something that I am planning on using a lot. You know how much I love cooking with fresh herbs, so this will be one of my most favorite gadgets. It will be especially useful when I mince my herbs in large quantity for freezing.

    Lyuba  |  Will Cook for Smiles

  • "The mincer’s shape was a perfect, comfortable fit for my hand and it comes with a blade cover for safety in storage. Another feature that I love about the Herb Mincer is that it is so easy to clean.

    Glenda  |  Busy at Home

    Busy at Home
  • "With splashes of bright colors and sturdy construction, all three are perfect gifts or stocking stuffers for the cooks in your life. I’m always mincing parsley or basil for a quick garnish, and the Herb Mincer makes short work of it.

    Liz Berg  |  That Skinny Chick Can Bake

    That Skinny Chick Can Bake
  • "This handy herb chopper is part of a line of Crisp kitchen products like cherry pitters and veggie brushes made specifically for produce. This tool makes quick work of those garden herbs and also makes a great stocking stuffer for the home cook and vegetable gardener.  |
  • "Preserving food at home is increasingly popular, and there’s only one way to get crinkle-cut cucumbers for your pickles; a wavy knife. We love that this knife has an ergonomic handle and an offset blade for better control when cutting.

    Kristie Collado  |  The Daily Meal

  • "I've always wanted to create a watermelon fruit basket (the kind where you carve the watermelon into a shape, such as a baby or a fish, and fill it with fruit), and this melon baller will help me achieve it.

    Recipe Lion  |  Recipe Lion

    Recipe Lion
  • "I think it's totally normal to fantasize about receiving kitchen gadgets for Christmas. And these brightly colored, high design tools from Crisp would ALL fit perfectly into my stocking.  |
  • "I would recommend the zester solely on the strength of its efficient grating functionality, ergonomic design, and compact size.

    Stacy  |  My Mixing Bowl

  • "Hands down, this is the best peeler I've used.

    Stacy  |  My Mixing Bowl

  • "It works like a dream.

    Jennifer  |  Peanut Butter & Peppers

    Peanut Butter & Peppers
  • "They are so cute, and I just love them because not only do they look bright and fun, but they also work so well.

    Rachel  |  Eazy Peazy Meals

    Eazy Peazy Meals
  • "These tools save time, ensure great results, and provide an enjoyable food prepping experience. There really is a HUGE difference with these tools opposed to other companies. I’d choose Crisp Kitchen Tools every single time.

    Nicole Cook  |  Daily Dish Recipes

  • "These enamel berry baskets are really pretty, not to mention practical. You can clean, store, and serve berries in them—or any other kind of fruit, really—and I love how they brighten my kitchen counter.

    Camille Rankin  |
  • "These enamel berry baskets are really pretty, not to mention practical. You can clean, store, and serve berries in them—or any other kind of fruit, really—and I love how they brighten my kitchen counter.

    Camille Rankin  |
  • "I’m absolutely in love with the bold look of their products. But the thing I dig most is that so many of their tools are multi-purpose. Which comes in handy when you are short on kitchen space (or short of funds – that’s real talk for you).

    Liz  |  Floating Kitchen

  • "I love that it comes with a cover to keep the blade safe and to prevent accidents. Most of their kitchen tools come with a blade cover, has a sleek design and the handles all have a bold color band making them easy to pick out of a drawer.

    Arlene Mobley  |  Flour On My Face

  • "I have been delighted with the performance of Crisp kitchen tools. They are made from durable, high-quality materials. They are easy to clean with most being dishwasher safe.

    Glenda  |  Busy at Home

    Busy at Home
  • "...the best in the industry.

    Robbie Darby  |  Hello Beautiful

    Hello Beautiful
  • "They have so many interesting kitchen gadgets that I’ve never even thought of before. But they are not just bright and fun, they are very durable and well made. I am looking forward to trying every single one of them.

    Lyuba  |  Will Cook for Smiles

  • "I tried out the herb mincer. It is really fun to use. You just run it back and forth over the herbs. There are five sharp stainless steel blades mince quickly without bruising fresh herbs.

    Tonia  |  The Gunny Sack

  • "The Wavy Knife from Crisp Cooking was so fun to use - I love how it dressed up the veggies that much more.

    Jessica Williams  |  Butter With a Side of Bread

  • "The fruit and vegetable preparation tools are not only colorful, but easy to use too. So wow your friends (or just yourself) with how pretty your healthy eats will be with tools like the avocado tool, pepper corer or melon baller (these are my faves).

    Robbie Darby  |

  • "...Sturdy construction, clean lines and usefulness. Great kitchen tools and they come at affordable prices.

    Andrea Kruse  |  Adventures in All Things Food