Vegetable Brush

Vegetable Brush
easy to grip vegetable brush crisp vegetable brush veggie brush

Vegetable Brush

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The Crisp™ Vegetable Brush is specifically designed to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. The soft-touch grip wraps around the entire vegetable cleaning brush to give you a secure hold and maximum control no matter how you grab it. The premium scrubbing bristles will get all the dirt off your fresh veggies easily and without bruising.


  • Premium clear scrubbing bristles for cleaning the toughest veggies
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Dimensions: 3.21 in. X 2.4 in. X 2.37 in.
  • Imported
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    Washing fruits and vegetables is the first and most important step to enjoying rich, antioxidant-packed ingredients. Having a brush on hand to scrub firm produce, such as potatoes, carrots and peppers can be quite handy! The Crisp™ VEGETABLE BRUSH features premium clear scrubbing bristles that make quick prep work of cleaning even the dirtiest fruits and vegetables. Simply run your veggies under water and use the compact vegetable cleaning brush to scrub in a gentle circular motion.

    This veggie scrubber is designed to fit right in the palm of your hand! The soft rubber grip wraps around the entire surface of the brush, in order to provide superior grip-ability when using this this vegetable kitchen tool. This cute kitchen gadget is also so compact you can store it right on the edge your sink, where it will be ready for its next use with a quick reach of the hand. When it has seen its fair share of veggies, simply pop it in the dishwasher to wash away any dirt or grime that may remain.This vegetable cleaning brush is so easy to use AND dishwasher-safe - we’re sure it will quickly become your most useful kitchen gadget.
  • "I have been delighted with the performance of Crisp kitchen tools. They are made from durable, high-quality materials. They are easy to clean with most being dishwasher safe.

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