Wavy Knife

wavy knife
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Wavy Knife

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    The Crisp™ WAVY KNIFE is sure to become your go-to kitchen gadget for adding the wow factor to your meals and snacks. This innovative knife allows you to create fun and beautiful fruit and vegetable designs that will be the envy of all your dinner guests.

    Soft waves carved in a durable stainless steel blade add decoration to even the plainest of veggies, including to carrots, potatoes, and more. Whether you’re hosting a fancy dinner party or putting together a simple veggie tray for the football game, you can be sure that all your family and friends will notice the fun cuts in the produce and ask you how you did it.

    The soft-touch rubber handle and ergonomic design will provide a steady grip, while the offset blade allows for plenty of “knuckle room” while cutting. Because the blade is crafted in a high-quality stainless steel, this vegetable knife is not only easy to use, it’s durable too! The stainless properties of the material will help prevent the knife from rusting and corroding from normal wear and tear.
  • "The Wavy Knife from Crisp Cooking was so fun to use - I love how it dressed up the veggies that much more.

    Jessica Williams
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