Citrus Zester
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    Add some zest to your life with the Crisp™ ZESTER! The Crisp™ Zester is one of the best all-in-one kitchen gadgets for citrus fruits. The superior form and function of this zesting tool features a scoring blade and channel knife that allow you to easily score orange slices or lightly grate lemons for a punch of zest.

    This magical kitchen gadget is equipped with two zesting blades, built to accommodate your specific needs. Whether you require just a small amount of zest or a larger portion, this handy tool is prepared to handle both. The knife side of the tool scores the fruit into the perfect slices, while the zesting side creates fine ribbons of zest for your favorite citrus-filled fruit dishes and cocktails.

    The soft-touch rubber grip and the patented ergonomically-designed handle on this unique kitchen tool provide a comfortable and sturdy grip. Plus, the larger zesting blade folds neatly into the body of the handle for safe and simple storage. The Crisp™ Zester is a must-have cooking utensil for any home chef and will help you create culinary delights in the kitchen.
  • "The first thing I loved was the ergonomic handle with rubber soft grip, which fits perfect in your hand. Another great feature is it’s a 4 in 1 tool, it has a scoring blade, channel knife, and two zesting blades. This multi-use Crisp™ Citrus Tool will become one of your favorite tools in the kitchen.

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  • "I had no idea that I needed a channel knife but it makes scoring and slicing fruit so easy. I also love that it has a microplane as well as the traditional zesting blade so that I could get the exact amount of zest that I wanted. This tool also makes it really easy to create pretty garnishes for your pies, tarts, cocktail, or anything else you can think to dress up. No more one trick ponies when it comes to zesters, because this is an all in one tool.

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