Dual Juicer

Dual Juicer
Dual Juicer Dual Juicer Dual Juicer Dual Juicer Dual Juicer Dual Juicer

Dual Juicer

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    We all know that juicing is extremely healthy for you and making fresh juice from home is the best way to get all of your much-needed vitamins and nutrients. This versatile kitchen gadget helps you get your day off to a great start! If orange juice is your favorite, with your own orange juice press, you won’t have the added sugars that come along with the store-bought orange juice. What exactly does “Fresh from concentrate” really mean anyway? The Crisp™ DUAL JUICER allows you to enjoy freshly squeezed juices from a variety of citrus fruits.

    The best citrus juicer ever made is designed with two reamers to fit both large and small fruits. Hate pulp? No problem! Simply switch the spouts. The Dual Juicer also has two different pouring spouts so you can determine how much pulp you would like in your fresh juice. There’s a non-stick base, so even though this is a manual juicer, it’s still easy to have fresh juice and can get it only using one hand! The collection cup has handy measurements on the side for an easy addition to your favorite recipes.
  • "I’m absolutely in love with the bold look of their products. But the thing I dig most is that so many of their tools are multi-purpose. Which comes in handy when you are short on kitchen space (or short of funds – that’s real talk for you).

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