How to Clean a Gowise Air Fryer – Easy Guide with 10 Pictures

Are you looking to loose wieght and always finding new ways to eat healthy? If your answer is yes, then a GoWise Air Fryer is a must have appliance in your kitchen. In this article, we will show you how to clean a Gowise Air fryer in easy to follow step by step guide.

Gowise Air Fryer

An air fryer circulates hot air to produce crispy and great tasting foods. As it uses minimal oil compared to deep frying, the food is healthier and has gained a lot of popularity over the last decade.

Like any other electricla kitchen appliance, it need regular cleaning to avoid buildup of grease and grime. The longer you decide te clean between cooking the more complicated it would be to remove the food buildup.

Follow our guide to maintain your Gowise air fryer like new after each use and in optimal performance.

How to Clean a GoWise Air Fryer – Step by Step

Step 1

The first step is to turn your Gowise air fryer off. if you have recently used it you will have to wait for it to cool down. Always unplug your air fryer form the wall outlet. This is to avoid any electrical components in your Gowise air fryer come in to contact with water and with you and cause an accident.

Remove the basket from your Gowsie Air Fryer. If it is dirty as ours in the picture below, it needs some cleaning.

Gowise air fryer dirty basket

Step 2

Grab a non abarasive sponge (Pictured below) and add some water and dish soap.

Start scrubbing gently inside the Gowise air fryer basket (pictured below). This will remove any grease and grime buildup that was left form your last cooking.

Clean Gowise air fryer basket with sponge

Rinse off the soap from the ari fryer basket with water. You can use your kitchen sink like we did in the picture below.

Soak Gowise air fryer pot in water

Step 3

Use the same non abrasive sof sponge with water and soap to clean the Gowsie air fryer pot (Pictured below).

Clean Gowise air fryer pot with sponge and soap

After you are done scrubbing the air fryer pot, go ahead and rinse it with water in your kitchen sink to remove the soap. (picture below)

Soak Gowise air fryer pot in water

Step 4

To clean the heating element you will have to turn your Gowise upside down. Use a damp soft cloth to clean the heating element. With the soft cloth do strokes to just one side.

If there are any food particles stuck between and/or the surrounding area of the heating element you can use a small brush to remove them.

After cleaning the heating element, clean the inner surface of the GoWISE air fryer with a soft cloth with warm soapy water to remove any grease, dirt, and/or food particles.

Finish cleaning with a dry, non-abrasive cloth or sponge. Allow the air fryer’s interior to dry completely. This will help prevent rust buildup that might affect the device’s overall function.  

Step 5

Check the outside or external of your Gowise air fryer to see if it has buildup dirt.

Gowise air fryer external cleaning

Use a damp cloth (pictured below) to clean all external parts of your Gowise air fryer.

Soft cloth to clean cosori air fryer

Step 6

Now it is time to assemble. Now that everything is clean and dry, either by thoroughly wipingdry or letting the parts dry on natural air, it’s time to assemble your GoWISE air fryer back. Once assembled, plug in the appliance and check if all is working well with your machine.

If you followed step by step how to clean a Gowise air fryer, now you should see yours like when you got it from the store, like new. As you can see it is not that complicated and doesn’t need a lot of time to clean. We recommend you do this process after each use.

Resetting a GoWise Air Fryer

If your GoWise air fryer fails to work properly because it won’t turn on, bad timer functionality, buttons and controls unresponsive, no heating, or not cooking food properly, it is a sign that we need to reset the air fryer.

To reset your GoWise air fryer find the button, normally located at the side, and prrss it for 10 seconds. If this doesn’t work you can unpug it from the wall outlet for more than 24 hours and plug it back in. Resetting will put all setting back to factory default.

Tips and Tricks

  • Don’t use metal utensils or abrasive sponges to clean any part of your air fryer that have non-stick coating. This will remove the non-stcik coating and you risk consuming this in your next cookings.
  • Don’t sumerge the whole air fryer in water because some parts have electrical components that can be ruined.
  • Wait for the air fryer to completely cool down befor you start cleaning it.

FAQs on How to Clean a GoWise Air Fryer

How much electricity does a GoWISE air fryer use?

It all depende in the model of Gowise Air Fryer you own. Most GoWise air fryer use 1,500 watts. To calculate how much electricty your particular GoWise air fryer model uses you will have to multiply the watts it uses times the number of hours you use it and divide by 1,000. This will give you your Kw/h usage.

Can I clean the GoWISE Air Fryer with Baking Soda and Vinegar?

In short, yes. You can use baking soda and vinegar when you have not cleaned your Gowise air fryer after many uses. It is a deep clean and should not be used after each use.
The steps are as follows:
First, sprinkle a tablespoon of baking soda in an even layer over the base of the GoWISE air fryer’s basket and accessories, then put some dishwashing soap over it.
Next, pour boiling or very hot water, fill the basket halfway to its height, and let it sit for a few minutes.
Then, spray a simple mixture of 50/50 mix of white vinegar and water around the basket’s inner and outer surface.
Follow the steps we provided with the rest of the cleaning process manually. 

What is the average cost of using a GoWISE air fryer?

Use the simple formula: multipliy the GoWISE air fryer rating times number of hours of usage times your average electricyt rate and divide by 1000.
Formula: Wattage X Usage Hours X Electricty Rate / 1,000

How do you get hard grease out of the GoWISE Air Fryer?

The best way would be to avoid getting hard grease in your GoWise in the first place. To avoid this you need to clean your air fryer after each use, following our guide in this article.
If you did not clean it after each use and have use it for many times, you can use baking soda, dish soap and white vinegar to clean it and this will remove hard grease.

Final Thoughts

It is ver important to clean frequently your GoWise air fryer, best if done after each use. This will avoid hard grease to buildup inside your air fryer. One fo the best features of a GoWise air fryer is how easy to clean all removable parts with mild soap and hot water.

If you maintain your GoWise clean it will prolong its life and keep working in optimal performance. Your machine will produce some of the healthiest dishes for you and your family for a long time.