How to Clean a Mr Coffee Coffee Maker – Easy Guide with over 15 Pictures

When the flavor on your Mr. Coffee maker starts changing, it’s time to give it a good cleaning. If you don’t clean your coffee machine on a regular basis, most probably deposits of scale will start to build up, which can lead to a less than ideal cup of coffee. If you were wandering how to clean a Mr. Coffee coffee maker, here we will show you it is a relatively simple process.

Mineral buildup is present in the water used by Mr Coffee to brew your drink, including calcium. The minerals in this brew are not toxic, but when limescale forms, it can have a negative impact on the flow, temperature, and performance. In addition, the flavor of your coffee may be impacted.

In this article you will learn how to clean a Mr Coffee coffee maker with white vinegar. Scale starts to appear in the tubes where water flows, like in the picture below.

Scale on mr coffee coffee maker

If where you live there is hard water this happens even faster. Based on the quality of water where you live, soft or hard, you should do more frequent or less frequent cleaning of your coffee machine.

Note: If the Mr Coffee coffee maker pot you are about to clean is very stained you can follow our guide on how to clean a glass coffee pot here.

Note: If the Coffee Maker you wanted to clean is of another brand like, Black and Decker, OXO, Cuisinart, Breville, Bunn, Ninja, Hamilton Beach, Keurig or Braun, you can follow our guide on how to clean each.

How to Clean a Mr Coffee Coffee Maker

List of Tools Needed for the Job

As mentioned before, the only implement we will be using is white vinegar. Following is a picture of the one I will be using in this guide. You can buy any brand form any big store. I bought mine at Walmart for a few dollars.

White Vinegar for Coffee Maker Descaling

First off we will start by making sure there is no filter in the coffee basket of the coffee machine.

Coffee Basket with no filter

You will pour six cups of white vinegar where the water normally goes, where I am pointing in the following picture.

Fill Coffee Maker with 6 Cups Vinegar

You make sure there are 6 cups by checking on the side and making sure you reach the 6 cup line like in the following picture.

Fill Coffee Maker with 6 Cups Vinegar

Now make sure the coffee basket of your Mr Coffee machine is well placed and close the lid.

No Filter in Coffee Basket

Place the glass coffee pot in its place. Make sure the coffee pot is clean with no coffee stains. If you need to clean it you can check our guide on how to clean a glass coffee pot to leave it like new again.

Clean Coffee Pot

Now that you got your clean coffee pot well place you go ahead and push the start button on your Mr Coffee coffee maker.

Turn On Coffee Maker

The white vinegar will start brewing. It will take about 6 minute to completely brew the 6 cups of white vinegar.

Brewing White Vinegar

You can open the lid like in the next picture while it is brewing and see how hte white vinegar falls into the basket.

Brewing White Vinegar on Basket

The Mr Coffee machine is done when it reaches the 6 cup line in the glass coffee pot like in the following picture.

6 Cups of Vinegar Brewed

When it reaches the 6 cup line in the coffee pot you go ahead and push the off button to turn it off.

Turn Off Coffee Maker

You remove the glass coffee pot and get rid of the white vinegar on your kitchen sink. Clean the coffee pot thoroughly with water and soap to completely remove the white vinegar.

Throw away white vinegar

You do the same with the coffee basket, thoroughly clean it with water and soap to remove any white vinegar left.

Clean Coffee Basket after Brewing Vinegar

Go ahead and fill the glass coffee pot with fresh water to the 12 cup line like in the following picture.

Fill Coffee Pot to 12 Cups

Pour the 12 cups of fresh water in the Mr Coffee coffee maker like in the following picture.

Pour Water to Coffee Maker

Once done, check the side of the coffee machine to confirm it is at the 12 cup line. Use the following image as reference.

Fill with 12 cups of Water

You can go ahead and push the start button to brew the water through the Mr Coffee coffee maker system.

Turn On Coffee Maker with Water

The reason to brew fresh water is to remove white vinegar from the pipes and all the system of the Mr Coffee machine. It will take around 3 to 4 rounds to completely get rid of that vinegar and the vinegar taste. So you will have to complete this step, brew 12 cups of fresh water, 3 to 4 times.

Coffee maker brewing with water

Tips and Tricks

  1. Never immerse your Mr. Coffee coffee maker main unit in water or any other liquid.
  2. Only use mild-detergents to clean the interior of your coffee machine.
  3. Always unplug your coffee maker before cleaning it. This is for security reasons as you don;t want to mix water with electrical components.

FAQs on How to Clean a Mr. Coffee Coffee Maker

How often should I clean my Mr. Coffee coffee maker?

This will depend on how frequently you use your Mr. Coffee coffee maker and how hard is the water you use on the machine. If you use your coffee maker every morning and the water where you live is hard, we recommend you follow our cleaning process at least once very 3 months.
If you use your Mr. Coffee coffee maker every two days or less and the water you use is filtered, you can follow our cleaning guide every 6 months to keep your coffee maker at optimal performance.

How to descale a Mr. Coffee Coffee Maker?

To descale your Mr. Coffee coffee maker add 2/3 white vinegar and 1/3 fresh water to the water reservoir. Run a complete brew with the vinegar and water mix. Then to remove the vinegar flavor, just run a brew 2 or 3 times with just fresh water.

How do I remove tough stains from glass carafe of Mr. Coffee coffee maker?

You can use a special liquid cleaner for glass coffee pots like the one made by Clearly. You can follow our complete step by step guide on how to clean a glass coffee pot here.

Final Thoughts

That’s it, you can continue using your Mr Coffee Coffee machine with great flavor. Coffee machines are convenient and easy to use, but you have to make sure to keep it clean. If your machine is pouring coffee with a different flavor, it is time for a thorough cleaning. If the coffee does not brew, it could be due to a filter issue. When all of these things fail, it may be time to replace the machine.