How to Descale OXO Coffee Maker – Easy Guide with over 15 Pictures

Most of us enjoy a great tasting cup of coffee every morning. For some of us, this is the only thing that is needed so we can start our day on the right foot. An OXO coffee maker is one of the best devices that can give us a great cup of coffee.

The water that we use to brew our coffee has minerals that build up inside your OXO coffee maker. The buildup that water generates is non toxic but it can impact the flow, temperature and even taste of the coffee being brewed.

This is why it is important to descale your coffee machine whenever needed. We will show you how to clean a OXO coffee maker and when to do it so that you con continue to get great coffee each time.

Note: This step by step guide is on how to clean a OXO coffee maker but if you own a different brand of coffee maker, like Braun, Black and Decker, Breville, Bunn, Cuisinart, Hamilton Beach, Ninja, Keurig or Mr Coffee please follow our guide for each of them by clicking their brand name.

How to Clean a OXO Coffee Maker

How to Clean a OXO Coffee maker

When the red warning light (picture below) appears it means it is time for you to clean your OXO coffee maker. You can also deap clean your OXO coffee machine before this red arning light appears.

In the following guide, we are going the descale OXO Coffee Maker before the red light warning appears. The process is very similar, the only difference is that when doing a Manual descaling you have to unplug the OXO coffee maker before starting the process.

Warning Icon on OXO Coffee Maker

Before we start, make sure the coffee basket (pictured below) is clean. The carafe should be clean and with no leftover coffee or water.

Clean Coffee Basket on OXO coffee Maker

To clean or descale a OXO coffee machine you can use the OXO descaler solution, Impresa Coffe Machine descaler solution or our favorite White Vinegar.

Pour 4 Cups of WHite Vinegar OXO Coffee maker

In this guide we will be using white vinegar (pictured below), which you can use any brand and you can find on any supermarket or dollar store.

White Vinegar used to clean Oxo coffee maker

We pour the white vinegar (picrued below) directly in the empty water reservoir of the OXO brewer.

Pour the white vinegar in OXO coffee maker water reservoir

We fill with white vinegar to the 4 cup mark (picture below) of the water reservoir of the OXO coffee machine.

Fill OXO coffee maker with 4 cups vinegar

Then we add fresh water to max mark or 9 cup mark (pictured below).

Fill OXO coffee maker to tha Max with water

In the pciture below we have filled with white vinegar and fresh water to the 9 cup or max mark of the ater reservoir of the OXO 9 cup brewer.

OXO coffee maker filled to the max with water and vinegar

As we are cleaning a OXO coffee maker before the red warning light appears we have to unplug (pictured below) the machine.

Unplug your OXO coffee maker

We press the OXO button on the OXO coffee machine and plug the power cord while still pressing the button and -9- will appear and the ring will turn red like in the pciture below. Once the -9- appears you can release the OXO button.

Plug and Press Button at the same time on Oxo coffee maker

Then we will press the OXO button to begin the cleaning cycle. The ring will turn blue and a 3 drop blue light (pictured below) will trun on. This descaling process normally takes around 30 minutes.

Note: If the red warning light has turned on in your unit you don’t have to unplug the unit. When the red warning light is on you just turn the dial to the right until the -9- appears and the led ring turns red. Then you continue with the same steps below.

Blue light turns on when Oxo coffee maker starts cleaning

When the descaling process is finished we make sure the coffee basket is clean.

Clean OXO Coffee Basket when finished

We discard the water in the carafe.

Discard water on OXO carafe

We fill with fresh water to the 9 cup or max mark (pictured below).

Fill Oxo coffee maker all 9 cups with fresh water

We run a couple of 9 cup breweing of fresh water to remove all vinegar residue from the OXO coffee maker system.

Press OXO coffee maker Button to Brew 9 cups of fresh water

After completing the 2 cycles of brewing 9 cups of fresh water the cleaning process is complete. Now you can enjoy a tasteful cup of coffee.

Other Cleaning That Is Needed For OXO Coffee Makers

Apart from descaling your brewer every 90 days or when the red light turns on, you also need to keep up with daily cleaning. When you are done brewing coffee every dya, remove the used coffee grounds and dirty filter.

Clean with water and wipe down any residue in the basket. Clean the exterior of the brewer using a damp cloth. Never use cleaning chemicals or any abrasive tool on your OXO coffee maker as those can damage it.

Use hot water and a gentle dishwashing liquid to clean all removable parts after each use of you brewer. Make sure to wash the carafe and lid by hand since they are not dishwasher safe.

How often should I descale a OXO Coffee Maker?

On models that have a descale warning light you can wait for it to turn on to clean it. On the 9 cup Oxo coffee maker, it will be in the shape of an exclamation point. On the OXO 8 cup coffee maker, it will be a circle next to the CLEAN button.

If your OXO brewer doesn’t have a red warning light you should descale after 3 months or 90 uses, whichever comes first. This 90 use rule applies if you have low to normal mineral count in your water.

If you use “hard water,” meaning it contains higher level of minerals, then you should clean your machine more often, after 60 uses. If you are not sure about the mineral content of your water, you can get a low-cost water testing kit.

Can you Descale a OXO Coffee maker with White Vinegar or other DIY solution?

Yes, you can clean or descale your OXO with vinegar. As long as you’re deep-cleaning with vinegar or a store-bought descaling solution at least once a month, you’ll be able to keep the germs, mineral deposits, and mold away from your coffee machine.

Final Thoughts

Now you know how to clean a OXO coffee maker and the best time to do it. By doing this simple process you extend the life of your OXO coffee machine. Another of the benefits of maintaining your brewer descaled is you know you are getting the greatest tasting cup of coffee each day.

If you do not clean or descale your OXO brewer when needed you risk damaging it or having to buy spare parts to repair it. In the long run it is best to keep up with the cleaning and maintenance as per the manufacturers suggestions to extend the life of the OXO coffe maker.