How to Clean a Nutribullet Blender Base – Simple Guide With 10 Pictures

Nutribullet is one of the most famous brands of blenders you can get. Their blenders are of good quality, easy to use and afforadable compared to similar models of other brands.

Nutribullet Blender

One of the best chracterisitics of a Nutribullet blender is how easy it is to clean. It can be done in less than a minute and be ready for a next smoothie. It gets a little tricky of you want to clean the base of the Nutribullet.

In this article, we are going to show you how to clean a Nutribullet blender including the base, which can get very dirty after many uses.

How to Clean a Nutribullet Blender – Step by Step

Step 1

After you finish blending your last smoothie, turn the power oof and unplug the power cord form the wall outlet. This is a very important security measure as you don’t want to mix water with electrical components.

Step 2

Nex, remove the blade base from the cup.

Step 3

As soon as you remove the blade base from the cup, rinse it in the kitchen sink. By doing this, the cleaning of the blade is easier and faster.

After you drink your smoothie go ahead and rinse the cup. By doing it this way, you make sure now food gets stuck on the blade or in the cup.

Step 4

Add warm water and some dish soap to a non-abrasive sponge and gently scrub the cup and blade. After you finish scrubing the cup and blade base, rinse them with water.

Step 5

Place the cup and blade base to air dry

This is the complete cleaning process that should be done after each use.

How to Clean a Nutribullet Blender Base

Now that you have your Nutribullet Blender blade base dry you might think it is super clean. it might look very clean like the following picture. The problem is that the blade base has some nooks and crannies where food particles get stuck in.

Nutribullet blender base

You could use a brush to clean around and under the blade like in the following picture. The problem is that a brush won’t reach this stuck food particles. The best and only way to completley clean the blade base is to disassemble the blade base.

Clean blade Nutribullet blender base

Step 1

Turn the blade upside down (the blade facing down). With a philips scredriver, remove the four screws marked with a red arrow in the following picture.

Remove 4 screws Nutribullet blender base

After removing the four screws, you can remove the bottom cover (picture below).

Remove bottom cover Nutribullet blender base

Step 2

Remove the eight springs marked in the following picture.

Remove springs Nutribullet blender base

Step 3

Now we have access to 4 clips that are the ones that get food stuck on. In the following picture you can see one of the clips removed. They are four in total, marked with a red arrow in the following picture.

Remove clips Nutribullet blender base

In the following picture you can see how dirty this part can become. If not properly cleaned, this food particles can go into your next smoothies.

Dirty clip Nutribullet blender base

In the following picture you can see that the area where this clips go (marked with red arrows) is also very dirty, with food particles.

Dirty under clip Nutribullet blender base

Step 4

Rinse the 4 clips, blade base and base cover with water in the kitchen sink. (picture below)

Rinse Nutribullet blender base

Add some warm water and dish soap to soft bristle brush. Scrub the clips, blade base and base cover with the brush to remove any food particle stuck on. (picture below)

Scrub clip Nutribullet blender base

In the following picture you can see a cleaned clip and how different it looks now.

Clean clip Nutribullet blender base

After scrubbing, rinse the clips, blade base and base cover. In the following picture is the base cover completley clean. Let all the parts air dry.

Clean Nutribullet blender base cover

Step 5

Now that we have all the blade base parts all clean and dry (picture below), it’s time to put it all back together. First put the 4 clips back in their place. Then place the 8 springs back in their place. Put the cover over the springs and use the screwdriver to place back the 4 screws.

Nutribullet blender base clean parts

This completes the process of cleaning the Nutribullet blender base and now it is ready to make more great tasting smoothies.

Tips and Tricks

  1. Be very careful when cleaning the blade or near it. The blade is very sharp so if you can use gloves to clean the area around the blade it would be better.
  2. Never inmerse the Nutribullet main unit in water or any other liquid.
  3. Never use the sanitize cycle in the dishwasher when cleaning your Nutribullet conatiners, cups and lids.

FAQs on How to Clean a Nutribullet Blender

Is there an easy way to clean a Nutribullet or Magic Bullet Blender?

Yes there is, just fill the cup with warm water and dish soap. Screw on the blade base and run it for 30 seconds. This will loosend any stuck-on food particles. Now only a light scrub with a non-abrasive sponge is necesary to completely clean the cup and blade.

Is the Nutribullet dishwasher safe?

The Nutribullet cups, container and lids are all dishwasher safe. Just rinse them before palcing them in the dishwasher. Only use the wash cycle in the dishwasher for cleaning your Nutribullet parts. Never use the sanitize cycle as the high temperatures can warp the plastic in the cups, containers and lids.

Why is my NutriBullet blender not turning on?

If your Nutribullet blender is not turning on, you should check that the power cord is connected to the wall outlet. If it is connected you should try on another wall outlet.

Why did my NutriBullet just stopped working?

If you were in the middle of a blend and your Nutribullet stopped working, the motor might overheated or the blades got jammed on food. Turn the blender off and wait for 5 minutes and try again.

What is the lifespan of a NutriBullet?

The average lifespan of a Nutribullet is between 2 and 4 years when used daily. If used less frequently then it might last a lot longer. The warranty period for Nutribullet blender is 1 year.

What do I do if my NutriBullet overheats?

Normally when a Nutribullet overheats it smells like something is burning. Inmediately turn off the blender and wait for 10 minutes. Then try blending again, it should work now.

Final Thoughts

It is higly recommended to clean your Nutribullet blender after each use. This way it is easier to clean and you ensure your next smoothie won’t have a funny taste.

The deep clean method of cleaning the Nutribullet blender base is recommended to be done at least once a week if you use it daily. If used 3 times or less per week you can clean the blender base at least once a month.

If your blender is not from the Nutribullet brand amke sure you go to our specific guide from the following brands:

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Happy Blending!